• Suzy - client of the week - live in fitness
  • Suzy - client of the week - live in fitness

Client of the Week

LIF’s Success Story – Congratulations to our “Client of the Week”, Sue for losing 6 lbs in her first week at our Fitness Retreat.

Suzy is from and currently still resides in Michigan, making Long Beach, California a desirable location for a wellness kick-start towards a healthier lifestyle.  Like many, juggling the daily life of raising a family and having a fulfilling, yet high stress profession we become the caretaker. Suzy incurred an injury several years back which caused her to care less about herself and more-so her health and lifestyle habits.  Post injury and recovery time caused her to gain most of her weight. Suzy knew she needed a destination, fitness retreat where there were no distractions from her work and home life. This time was to be 100% about her and the changes she needed to make internally and externally.  To be healthy, active and feel like herself again. She has been so strong and successful in her career and life but it should not come at the cost of your health.

Suzy chose Live-in-Fitness as she was not looking for a ‘Spa Setting’ but a place that would push her, a place where she could learn and apply the tools for a healthier lifestyle. Suzy wanted to work with a knowledgeable team of professionals and Live-in-Fitness fit that criteria for her.

When asked about her overall experience at LIFE?

I have had an amazing 3 weeks here at Live-in-Fitness. All the coaches, Nicola, Sarah, Summer, Zach, Israel & Matt, amazing trainers in all different ways.  My favorite class was the Zumba and it was such a great calorie burn too. The chef was 5 star, creating fresh, portioned and delicious meals.  Now I can confidently say, I know how to eat healthy and workout pain free. My body is changing, I have gained strength, lean mass and most importantly I have my energy and zest for life back.  I am understanding with each day how to find balance in everything I achieve. By reading and working through Eric’s, Power of 4 Workbook, it has taught me what is important and how to prioritize.

If you are at a crossroads in your life and ready to make a change, I would recommend you chose Live-in-Fitness.  It was the right choice for me, not to mention the friends for life I will always have.

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