Weight loss journey of Jeanetta
Weight loss journey of Jeanetta
Weight loss journey of Jeanetta

Congratulations to our Client of the Week Jeanetta lost over 7 lbs in her first week at Live-in-Fitness.

Weight Loss Journey: Jeanetta

Jeanetta is a retired veteran of the US Navy that continues to volunteer.  She was born in Pittsburgh, PA but has lived in Hawaii for the past 6 years.

Her active career choice as a young adult allowed her to be in great shape. Exercise was automatically part of her daily routine. When Jeanetta gave birth to her only child, she gained excessive weight (over 40 stubborn pounds) that she struggled to lose.  She would joke for years about losing the baby weight; even up until he turned 18 years old. He is now grown, 24 years old and for Jeanetta there were no more excuses for her weight gain and she knew it was time to make a change. She had to break those habits and be a healthy role model not only for her son but more importantly  for herself. She chose Live-in-Fitness because of their core values, the affordable cost and prime location!

I noticed a significant weight gain when I went to visit my family on the mainland for the first time in 30 years.  They were very happy to see me and showed it by preparing, serving, buying, catering all my favorite foods. As I was on the mainland making my rounds, I was getting ROUND. In Hawaii, there is a lifestyle. One that keeps you active and outdoors. On the mainland, I found myself not exercising, driving everywhere and wondering what my next meal would be 5 minutes after I had eaten 4000 calories! I found myself in a constant state, making bad choices and decisions, accepting everything that was offered to me to eat and trying new foods and restaurants that I knew would tempt me to eat enormous portions. People would say, “I love to watch you eat”. I didn’t know that wasn’t a compliment!

Live-in-Fitness was the perfect choice for my weight loss journey, surpassing other programs as it was affordable, had a great location, offered a proven and engineered program with delicious chef prepared meals.  Their program offers a variety of classes and exercise opportunities. I also read the many success stories and the positive reviews. I made a choice to be around positive and like-minded people.  I was open and ready to be coached so I could learn to live a healthier lifestyle.

When asked what about the LIF program worked for you?

Everything has worked for me; I am following the program and the results are in the numbers. What I did not expect was to fully enjoy the staff and people that have come to participate in the program. I can see lifetime friendships being made. Life in Fitness is a COMPLETE program working on the TOTAL person. I have enjoyed the meals that were personally prepared,  portioned with finesse, that taste great! The exercise classes and activities are challenging and fun. I actually looked forward to “what’s next” on the schedule so that I could see how my next hour was a step closer to my health and well-being. The lectures were insightful and informative. A total complement to the Power of 4 LIF Plan created by Eric Viskovicz. A place where questions are not only welcomed but answered before you asked them.  The staff cares genuinely about their clients and are dedicated to our success! They work long and hard and deserve to be acknowledged and always appreciated.

How has this program help change your outlook on your life?

I have tried other “Programs” but Live-in-Fitness has opened my mind with knowledge and given me the skills to appreciate the life that I have been given. I am excited to see what my future holds as I continue to be grateful for each new day that will now include exercise, nutritionally & portioned meals, fun, friendships and of course a good night’s sleep.

Live- in-Fitness is a well oiled machine that teaches people how to breathe live into themselves again. So, if you want to truly learn to live, attend Live in Fitness! #1 Weight Loss Camp

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