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Paulette lost 14.2 lbs in her first week at LIFE….

Amazing Results- Paulette lost 14.2 lbs in her first week at LIFE….

Paulette was born in San Bernardino, grew up in Rochester, NY and currently lives near Orlando Florida.

Paulette has worked with and for older adults her entire career. For 21 years she worked in a nursing home first as a recreation therapist, then as a Director of adult day services. She became a national consultant helping communities develop adult day centers. Consulting all over the USA, Cairo & Egypt. She was recruited for work with the Winter Park Health Foundation in 1995. She worked there until 2003 when she had a stroke following foot surgery.  Paulette has been heavy her entire life Her stroke resulted in partial blindness, some balance and cognitive issues. She gained over 30 lbs, making her feel limited with signs of depression and anxiety. She was unable to work and her work was the major part of her life for a long time.

Struggling with loss of mobility and accepting her new normal she lost her purpose..  She tried Weight Watchers and lost 30 LBs, then hit a plateau. Fearful of falling off the wagon she knew she needed an immersive program. One that provided a total environment of an excellent food program, education, and work out classes. She found this at Live-in-Fitness.  A program that was adaptable with modifications specific for her. She knew this would be hard, but for Paulette there was no other alternative. She will be 76 next week so it’s now or never.

When asked about the program at LIFE?

My progress thus far has been amazing. Lost 14.2 lbs the first week. A lot of work and best of all the coaches always give me alternatives with recognition of my challenges. I know this won’t happen every week, but it sure feels good. Having all my meals prepared, portion controlled and delicious is so very important.  The education and working on my Power of Four is incredibly well planned and executed. Yes there is pain, but I know this means I am working hard. The campus is great & spaced out so we get more steps in. I enjoy that everything is clean too.

What do I like best? 

The classes and lectures are great and I really love aqua aerobics. Wish it was everyday. I am free in the water. Clients are terrific. We all try to help each other. Best of all are the staff and all are great. Zach is my coach. What a blessing he is for me. Helps me want to do more and more without being pushy. I was a little worried of attempting a program like this at my age. But the client “young’uns”  And all of the coaches and staff help me realize I can do this. Much appreciation for the kitchen team. Food is tasty and nutritious and I’m learning how to portion control as well as getting some great ideas for going home.

LIFE is giving me back my self confidence and determination for this not to end here.

This is the beginning of the rest of my life as a healthier older adult. Kudos to Eric and all the staff, and the clients. Blessings to you and I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Paulette Geller