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Live In Fitness – Techniques Of Losing Weight


At out weight loss camp, Live in Fitness, we’ve noticed how hard it is for everyone to get a grasp on the sometimes intensive techniques of losing weight. Especially after trying so many things at home and not having it work out. You’ve been counting calories, exercising diligently, drinking more water, and learning about the “right” foods to eat. You even went to the health food store. As you have thoroughly raided your cupboards of any evil temptations, and thrown away all of the unfinished ice cream containers in your freezer, you stop to wonder: is this really going to work? Pondering that question the absurdity of the attempt to lose weight hits you. Here we are in a society somehow maliciously determined to make ourselves suffer. We create the richest chocolate shakes, the juiciest burgers, the cheesiest pizzas, and the biggest servings of everything. Heck we are the master of the supersize. And then, we create these movie stars, celebrities and public figures that make even Barbie’s unrealistic measurements seem too big. She would have been a 34, 24, 38.

What are we supposed to do? There is even a new diagnostic category in the DSM-IV manual for binge eating. These people have become so addicted to the food they have lost control. If being super-thin is considered “good”, then why do we have all this good stuff? It seems absurd to you as you reach for your last half eaten container of ice cream and toss it on top on the “People” magazine cover with the picture of Angelina Jolie.

It seems fitting that both of those things should go in the trash. After all, you just read an article on the National Institute of Health website that reported that the average mood of people when watching a sitcom was mild depression. Perhaps reading People magazine has the same affect. After all, all those actresses and models look the same. In fact, they kind of look about as plastic as the ice cream that is melting onto Angelina face. If the website also said that eating “fake” foods like every diet food these days, is bad for you, then, it occurred to you that possibly the same bad affect the doctors are warning you about might happen if you are exposed to those “fake” people. And what isn’t fake these days? More than 65% of the U.S. population is currently trying to lose weight, according to the website. When you went to the grocery store, it certainly wasn’t hard to find what you wanted in a diet version. As you piled the low sugar jam on top of the low sugar, low carb bread, you felt as though you had discovered some hidden treasure. Everything came in a diet version. You could even get Ben and Jerry’s chocolate explosion ice cream in low sugar. It even felt like an explosion in your gut as you got so excited and downed the whole thing, only to read the label and discover that the “fake” sugar, aspartame can have laxative effects. That’s when the People magazine came in handy as you were stuck in the bathroom for the rest of the night to predicament you were in. What is going on here, you wondered? No wonder that website also said that we are the most depressed nation on the planet.

Techniques Of Losing Weight

As you take a look at your zippy new Nike running shoes staring across the room at you, you think to yourself, no wonder we are all gaining weight, nobody feels like exercising when they are depressed. Or, wait, are we so depressed because we have gained weight? This is all getting so confusing. Good thing that website included a mental health section, thinking about all this weight loss stuff is enough to make anybody crazy. Hey wait a minute, they did say sunlight was good for ADD kids. As you look back at your Nikes, they do seem to be pointing toward the door. Maybe if sunlight helps those ADD kids, it will help make sense out of this mess.

You lace your shoes and step outside, thinking maybe, just maybe you’ll find some answers. You start down your block, and head to the nearest park, if sunshine is good, grass, and trees might be better still. The more nature, the better right?

Then it hits you: the website said sunshine is good for the mental health of ADD kids, yet all those weight loss products never mention anything about health. In fact, neither do the celebrities. And they sure as heck don’t all look so healthy. If Brittany Spears, Mel Gibson, Pamela Anderson, and Michael Jackson are any example of health, we all better pick up our needles and start aiming for the nearest vein. Wait a minute, you stop dead in your tracks. Didn’t that weight loss product Metabolife get implicated in several deaths? Whoever thought getting thin could kill you? The doctor told you to lose weight or else you could die early, but he didn’t say losing weight could kill you. He must have meant that you should lose weight to get healthy, but he sure probably didn’t mean you should lose your health to lose weight. Or your mind for that matter.

You shake your head, losing weight shouldn’t come with a warning label. Neither should the people we look to as healthy. As you approach the park, you think to yourself, since when did the focus on health get lost with all the weight we are supposed to lose? Something moving quickly to your left catches you eye. As you turn your head, you see your neighbor’s daughter racing across the grass with the reckless abandon only a six year old could know. Now that looks healthy. You think back to when you felt that energetic. It must have been 10 years since you bothered to break into a trot. And that was only to snatch the last chocolate chip cookie from your husband’s hand. What the heck, you decide to give it a try. You gingerly take a few steps. Hey this doesn’t feel so bad, you think, impressed with the little bit of spring in your step. Maybe you haven’t lost it after all these years. This actually doesn’t feel too bad, and you stretch your stride out a little, then a little more, and before you know it, you’ve crossed the grass. A little sign posted on the fence catches your attention. It’s a brochure for a 10K race in your neighborhood. Something tells you to take a look. 10K seems far, actually 10 of anything athletic seems daunting. But wait, it supports leukemia. That seems noble. Those poor kids with leukemia go through a lot more than running a 10 K you think. And there’s a walking division. Now either the sun has really gotten to you, or you are actually considering doing this. Well it doesn’t come with a warning label you laugh to yourself.

And it does seem to make more sense than spending endless hours comparing low carb, low sugar, high protein, zero calorie, and “lite” versions of everything food item known to man. Or was that chemical item known to man?  Your head spins with the thought.

At least this $25 entry fee supports a charity. That a heck of a lot more than any of those diet products can say. And you never know, this running stuff just might catch on, you think to yourself as you take down the number and head off across the grass again. Compared to the weight loss efforts you’ve been trying, maybe this health stuff isn’t so bad. And that website was right, the sunshine did help your temporary case of ADD.

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Fit Camp

Get Faster Results

Waking up every day, every week, and doing the same work out routine over and over can be really draining and frankly pretty boring. It’s easy to lose interest if you’re repeating the same thing for long periods of time. If you aren’t getting results fast enough that makes it even harder. Also don’t forget that a Fit Camp can help you tremendously if you are looking for consistent and fast results!

Here are 5 ways to make sure you get quick results!!

Max Body Interval Training

Regardless of the workout. Go all out and do as many reps as you can for 20 seconds and then take a breather for recovery. Repeat 8 times. Make it a total body workout with bodyweight work outs like jumping jacks, bodyweight squats, etc.

Increase Weight and Lower Reps

Sometimes instead of changing a work out or adding a new work out to your routine is to change the weight or reps. A great way to do that is to increase the weight and lower the reps.

Add Kettlebells

The kettlebell swing is a fundamental move that improves your performance on every level. Swings train your cardiovascular system and also your posterior chain, it makes you jump higher and increases your endurance and stamina.

Drop Sets

A proven way to add volume for muscle growth is to do drop sets. Drop sets can be done with almost any exercise. Finish your workout with a descending scale that will drive your muscles into full fatigue.

Superset Your Workouts

If you need to save time and max results you can cut down the workout time and increase calorie burn with super sets. Go back to back with two different exercises. Then, without a rest, do the same with the another 2 exercises.

These will help you stay focused and interested in going to the gym. It offers a way of getting results faster if you need that. There are lots of ways to optimize your gym time. These are only a few but are very affective.

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Fitness Retreat


“What was disrupted in the relationship, needs to be repaired in the relationship”

We as a culture have a very strange relationship with food: on the one hand, we love it, on the other hand we are afraid of it. Eating can bring a tremendous amount of pleasure, yet not when we feel out of control around food. So many of us struggle with the concept of enjoying the comfort and nourishment that food offers, and learning when enough is enough. This is too bad, because when we do this, the relationship with food becomes very tense, and enjoyment is replaced with fear and trepidation. Let’s put fear in it’s place, and start enjoying food. To do this, learn to notice when your relationship with food feels out of control. You regain control by walking away, and doing something that brings control back to you, like going for a run, calling a friend, doing something you feel good at, or asking for help. Yes, I said asking for help. When you do this, you do bring control back to yourself. Remember the thing you are trying to gain control over is yourself, and your choices.

It is amazing how complicated our society has chosen to make food! We have taken a very simple concept, and very successfully confused it to the point that most people are willing to try any program as long as it promises weight loss. It doesn’t take a genius to recognize that many of these programs make no sense. Nobody can live on juice forever, or measure everything they put it their mouth. How about just learning to eat when you’re hungry, and stop when you are not. Instead of reading every new diet plan, or celebrity advice, just learn what you are hungry for. Start with this: eat breakfast, don’t skip meals, avoid “fake foods that have no nutritional value,  don’t over eat, and try water instead of sugary drinks that make up 20% of our caloric intake.  Is it really rocket science!

There is no one right way for everyone. How can one way of eating serve all of us?  This is where you as an individual need to take responsibility and figure out which way of eating is best for you and your goals. Yes, I said take responsibility. Don’t make anyone else responsible for what works for you. I can’t tell you how many times I have heard unsuccessful dieters say, “That diet didn’t work for me”. My response is always the same, “You didn’t work for you.” This is where you come in to take the time and energy necessary to experiment and find out what works for you. You will not always get it right but that is part of the process. Allowing yourself to try and fail is what it takes to learn what works, and what doesn’t. So don’t be afraid of taking responsibility, It is incredibly rewarding to learn how to fuel you body to feel the best.

Food has become an escape.  Stop running away!  Don’t hide in your food.  Food is fuel and not a solution to anything other than giving your body nutrients. I love chocolate like anyone else, but it’s not going to change my situation. Eat to fuel yourself not avoid your life’s woes.  Put your needs in the proper place. If you’re feeling stressed, this need belongs in the therapist’s office, not the refrigerator.  We all need an escape at some point-there is nothing wrong with that-but food is not the answer. If you don’t need therapy, maybe you just need to find a passion that puts your mind at ease. This could be running, playing a sport, playing an instrument, listening to music-the possibilities are endless. But you are not going to see any of these possibilities if your head is in the refrigerator. So stop hiding in your food, and start looking around, you might be surprised what you can do when you open yourself up to new options!

Stop eating in your car or at your desk.  Take the time to enjoy your food long enough to figure out what you are really craving. Not only is mindless eating a huge contributor to weight gain, but also, keeps you from truly satisfying your cravings. Without satisfying your cravings, you are much more likely to overeat later. We all know this one…if you tell yourself you can’t have something, you are going to want it later. So slow down, think about what you really want, and enjoy it. To do this, and stop the cycle of mindless eating, don’t pair eating with anything else, such as watching TV, surfing the internet, or driving.

Fitness camps give people benefits that a gym simply cannot. At Live In Fitness Retreat, we use the latest technologies to test our guests before initiating the program. We analyze results and create personalized plans with mental health, fitness, and nutritional education designed for improving your lifestyle. Check out our website and find out more here.  Make sure to check out our AMAZING SALE! Act soon as we have limited spots available.

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premier fitness camp

Obesity in America

Every human being on this planet is different. We may share some of the same traits, aspects, organs, but no single person is alike. Everyone has a different frame of mind, which in turn affects the way one plans and one’s ambitions to achieve goals.

Each one of us has a unique perspective which differentiates us. These differences are ingrained in our personalities from childhood, be it positively or negatively, and can sometimes be reflected in our physical appearance.

When you’re considering whether to join a gym or participating in a weight loss retreat, you should think about what type of person you are. A Fitness camp can give you the tools to get you on the path to a new, healthier life.

According to the Center for Disease Control, 38 percent of adults and 17 percent of teenagers in America are obese. Studies like this project that by 2030, 44 percent of all Americans will be obese. These numbers aren’t pretty, but they do show the crude reality in which we live.

Fast food, preservatives, high-fructose corn syrup, and other unnatural chemicals designed to maintain freshness and add flavor have led to this epidemic. At Live In Fitness, we’ll show you how to take control of your diet, and make healthier eating choices. Our fitness camp is more than just a weight loss center, we’re a lifestyle enhancing center.

Fitness Camp vs Gym

Joining a gymnasium can be a great way to sculpt your physique and improve your health, but many times there’s no guidance. Another downside is having to compete with others for time on certain machines can become annoying.

At Live In Fitness, we’ll guide you through every step of the way. We’ll begin by conducting state of the art physiological testing to determine the body fat to muscle ratio. Painless and comprehensive, some of the testing you’ll undergo includes: RMR testing, Vo2 Max, Hydrostatic Body Fat testing, and more.

At a gym, you may receive some personalized attention from a trainer, but never the level of personalization that you’ll find at Live In Fitness. Our nutritionist will design a meal plan specifically to achieve your weight loss goals. Our fitness camp caters to each visitor’s unique needs for maximum success.

Once we’ve established a nutritional plan, our fitness professionals will assess your test results and create an exercise plan that guarantees positive results. This will include 5-7 hours of intense training that will push you beyond what you thought possible.

Going past your limits is key. Not only do our trainers help you push past your physical limitations, but we coach our guests and motivate them to change their lifestyles. Our behavioral/psychological educational program will prepare you for life in the real world. There is where the true test begins, and the lessons learned at fitness camp pay off.

Final word

Fitness camps give people benefits that a gym simply cannot. At Live In Fitness, we use the latest technologies to test our guests before initiating the program. We analyze results and create personalized plans with mental health, fitness, and nutritional education designed for improving your lifestyle. Check out our website and find out more here. 

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How Fitness Improves Our Lives

Live in Fitness Camp

Typically when thinking about improving our health and fitness we tend to imagine the end results as it pertains to our physical appearance. Whether it’s shedding a few pounds, body building, or trying to eat better most of us envision a better looking person in the mirror at the end of the day. What a lot of us fail to realize until we’re on the other side of getting healthy is the mental and life benefits to fitness training. At Live in Fitness Camp we make sure you focus on your mental and physical health equally.

Here are 4 ways working out can help you beyond your typical physical fitness:

1. Rebound From a Tragedy
Depression is one of the worst mindsets a person can find themselves in. A failed relationship, loss of a loved one, unemployment, etc can take a lot out of a person and make things seem hopeless. The most important thing you can remember during this time is you have to keep moving forward. As bad as things may seem it’s important to never give up. Fitness training teaches you hard work and dedication. It also also you to apply yourself to a set structure and start piecing you life back together.

2. It Demands Discipline
We all know, and if you don’t YOU SHOULD, that a healthy, fit body doesn’t come easy or quickly. It takes a long period of hard work and sticking to your routine to develop your body to fit your goals. Getting up early, eating correctly, and going to the gym all take a level of determination. But sticking to it for weeks, months, and even years takes a certain focus that can help you in ever aspect of your life.

3. Stress Relief
It’s hard to stress about anything in your day to day life while you’re in the middle of a work out. It’s a great way to center your focus and flush out the anxiety of daily life. A regular work out routine can see your weekly stress levels drop drastically.

4. Connect with others
Gyms are full of people. It’s a great opportunity to make friends and meet people. People are more likely to make friends in the gym than anywhere. Experts agree the gym is filled with likeminded people and is a great source of camaraderie for anyone willing to reach out. Make friends, set work out dates and other activities. As with all other activities doing it with a friend makes it easier, more fun, and more likely to continue to happen as you’re being held accountable by another person.

There are many reasons fitness training can benefit you beyond just your body. These are only a few and you may find on your journey there are countless other benefits along the way. Take a chance and a step towards a newer, better, YOU!

If fitness is big on your list this year and you decided that your new years resolution is a complete life & body makeover, and if you want to start making big changes and see some fast results, come to our vacation fitness camp. You will be getting expert training at our Live in Fitness Camp. Make sure to check out our AMAZING SALE! Act soon as we have limited spots available. Our clients are trained from the top fitness guru’s in the world, and let’s not forget the tastiest customized meal plans from our expert nutritionists at our islands retreat.

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