Live In Fitness – Fat Camps Advice

eat before you buy

It becomes an expensive mistake to go the supermarket with an empty stomach. We’ve all had those times when you go back home from the grocery store and realize that a lot of what you bought is not essential, either necessary in cases. Eat before you shop, that way you don’t get tempted to buy things you don’t need. Don’t let your stomach trick you.

make a list

Really dig into your fridge and see what you have before you decide what you need. Then think about the meals according your schedule. Once decided, write it down that will keep you on track, focused and you’ll have conscious shopping.

shop local

To go local might implicate a research of your nearest local shops, but it’s definitely worth it.  You wouldn’t just be helping the economy or your community in a more direct form, but you would also get more affordable prices. Local business deal directly with the local growers which gives them a great saving on the products which gets reflected on the final price of it.

protein is affordable

Among the most affordable sources of protein we find the eggs, canned tuna, peanut butter, whey, beans, plain greek yogurt, tomatoes and avocados.  Learn about their benefits and include them in your list for the next time.

compare prices

As you go off your list finding what you need; write down the prices -there is a couple of apps that can help with this.  Try three different stores at least, it will give you a perspective on how the prices regularly run in this places.

keeping it healthy


Fitness Retreat – Fat Camps Advice

You'll Find Love at Live In Fitness

You’ll Find Love at Live In Fitness Reterat

If you asked a hundred people the best place to find love, what do you think their answers would be? Some people would probably spout off some lazy, generic, top-of-mind response like “an online dating site” or “at a club.” Others would respond based on their own experience…”I met my husband in college” or “I met my girlfriend in the produce section of the grocery store.” Others would talk about their children…maybe the unconditional love of their dogs. A cynic might say, “Between the pages of a romance novel.” And even worse, you might get a jaded, sarcastic answer like “Between ‘Look’ and ‘Out’ in the dictionary.”

The best answer is Hilton Head Island, South Carolina…specifically at our Live In Fitness Retreat—not because we’re located on a beautiful, sun-drenched island off the coast where it averages 76 degrees a day, but because the love you find here will last a lifetime. You may not find the romantic love of your life (which has happened, but we can’t make that promise), but you will probably make some lifelong friends, definitely find a staff of people who love helping people like you and want to see you succeed probably more than you do, and you will find a love that precedes all other forms…you will love yourself…not just the way you look, or the way you feel, but the deep-down, last-a-lifetime kind of love that, when you feel it, will bring you tears of joy.

We know this because we have seen it happen literally thousands of times. People have come to us with a bag full of problems (in addition to their unwanted pounds), lives that are nowhere close to where they want them to be, only a feint glimmer of hope, and a feeling about themselves that in no way resembles love. We gave them our love of helping people, a proven program that was tailored specifically to them, and hours of 100% effort and dedication. What they got was thinner, healthier bodies, healthier, happier minds, and the knowledge and support necessary to keep those things for a lifetime. Most importantly, they found a love that they hadn’t had for a very, very long time⎯a love for themselves.

Is having this love easy? No, but nothing that is worth so much is ever easy to attain. Is this love unconditional? Again, no. First, you have to come to Live in Fitness, and then you have to do the work.

Like any love, the prospect of having it, is frightening, and you might start thinking, “Where I am right now isn’t so bad…I’m just going to save the time, energy and money and stay where I’m right now.” Maybe you’re not scared of being hurt (a lot of our exercises won’t feel that great at the time you’re doing them, but you will feel amazing when you’re done)…maybe, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t possibly imagine feeling a happiness that you haven’t felt before, or at least a happiness you haven’t felt for a long time. You will feel it, and you’ll be more than happy you made the commitment.

This is a big promise to make to someone we don’t even know yet, but that’s the biggest reason to come to Live in Fitness—we want to get know you…in fact, if we’re going to replace pounds with joy, we HAVE to get to know you. That’s the essence of our program. We learn what behaviors and attitudes have kept you from, or derailed, your success in the past; we go through a detailed, comprehensive and scientific analysis of where your body is when you arrive, and then we tailor a fitness and weight-loss program specifically to, not only what it will take for you to be the ideal you, but also to the exercises and foods you love.

You’re probably thinking, “Wait…I get to eat whatever I want? How is this going to work?” Well, we have good news and good news. The good news is that you will not be asked to give up any of the foods you love⎯you will only be asked to eat healthier versions of those foods and eat them in moderation. We know, for some of you moderation might seem like a foreign word. It’s not…it’s English…and we can add it to your vocabulary. The other good news is that we have professional chefs and nutritionists on site who will prepare the foods you love, teach you how to prepare them nutritiously, and teach you how food works in your body.

“Great, I get to eat…but this exercise thing doesn’t sound too appetizing.” Trust us, you will acquire a taste for it, and then you’re going to love it as much as any food. Not only do we have a nearly uncountable number of activities and exercises for you to choose from, but also our supportive, energetic coaches will ensure that you succeed and have fun doing it.

Don’t waste any more time. You’ll love Live in Fitness….and we’d love to help you.


Love Live in Fitness


Live In Fitness – Your Island Fitness Retreat

If you’ve seen the movie Cast Away, you know that it’s about a man who survives a plane crash and ends up alone on a desert island. He manages to barely survive for several years and becomes so desperate that he befriends a volleyball. His desperation grows even deeper to the point that he decides to kill himself, because he will never be there with, and for, his loved ones again…and no one is coming to help him. When he realizes his suicidal plan won’t work, he builds a raft and braves the open sea with no land, help or hope in sight.

If you battle with weight, this is your story…maybe not as melodramatic if you need to tone up or lose a couple of pounds, but if you have a severe problem, the tale is very familiar — you feel stuck and separated from the world; fad diets and false promises show up like ships, then pass you by.

Your hope for change disappears over the horizon, leaving you feeling more desperate, alone and hopeless than ever before. You are in a miserable, lonely place that you can’t escape…and even worse, you can’t imagine being anywhere else because you’ve been stuck there too long and had your hopes dashed too many times. You could consider braving it on your own, but you have no way off and no idea where to go.

If this is you, the news is good. We can get you off of that island, but you have to come to ours first.

What is our island? It’s a lot of things. It’s a fitness retreat, a weight loss getaway…call it a fat camp if you want, although we don’t use that term. The best way to describe Live in Fitness is to say that it’s a magical place full of people like you who need help and people who want you to succeed more than you want it yourself. Does this mean that you’ll get off the boat, step onto shore and the pounds will instantly melt away? Of course not. That’s not magic, that’s impossible. The magic isn’t pounds disappearing — it’s the way you’ll feel after they’re gone. It’s the feeling of accomplishment you’ll have when you look in the mirror. It’s the feeling of confidence and pride you’ll have when you walk down the street in an outfit you could never have worn only months before. But the most magical feeling of all is the joy and pride you’ll see in the faces of those who love you the most.

How do we give you that joy? This isn’t magic at all — it’s a combination of your hard work, our hard work and a formula for success that has changed the lives of thousands of people. It’s a well-thought-out and scientific (but not in a boring way) approach to, not only taking off pounds, but also (and most importantly) developing habits that will ensure you keep them off for good.

Great. Now how do we get you off your island? We start by building your boat…a.k.a. your behavioral profile. We want to know, and want you to know, how you ended up on your island and what you’re doing that’s keeping you there.And yes, it goes much deeper than overeating not exercising. It’s important that we know how you’ve lived your life and related to your body in the past, so we can accent your strengths and overcome or eliminate weaknesses. Bottom line…if we know how you got there, that will go a long way toward helping you get free.

We need a map. After we have the boat, we need a map. This is a detailed and scientific (otherwise it won’t work) map of where you are right now. Like DNA, everyone’s map is unique, so we have to know everything we can about where you are right now. This means we’ll have to do a variety of important tests, so we’ll know the exact place we’re going, which is the place you really want to be: the best possible you.

Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing is the most accurate and technologically advanced method available to determine your body fat percentage. We have to make sure what you are losing is pure fat, and not the lean mass that you lose on most diet programs. Also, we ensure that your metabolism is speeding up for the long haul… the faster the metabolism, the faster the inches disappear!

Your Posture Alignment is very important for many exercise plans, but if you have not worked out in a while you may very well have postural problems. Once we have evaluated your postural alignment, we can then create an exercise plan to help correct your posture and any problems associated with it.

Your Resting Metabolic Rate determines how quickly you burn calories. We test your RMR when you arrive at the resort, so that we can determine how many grams of protein, carbohydrates and fats you should be consuming in each of your meals from day one. This also helps your coach to implement the correct exercise program to speed up your metabolism. Then we’ll keep testing your RMR so that we can adjust your portion sizes as your metabolism changes due to your new healthy lifestyle. This means you always get exactly the calories you need based on how many calories your body is burning.

Your Real Body Age isn’t a number of years that you’ve been on the planet. It’s a measurement of how at risk for disease you are, compared to the average person. For example, you could be 35 years old, but just is at risk for heart attack is a 65-year-old. That would mean that you’re real body ages 65, not 35.

Our VO2 Max Testing let’s as know how much oxygen your body can transport and utilize when you exercise. This is an excellent measurement of your physical fitness. This is important because the more efficiently your body uses oxygen, the harder you can safely work out.

We need to know your Blood Pressure because that determines how strenuously you can work out without putting too much of a strain on your cardiovascular system.

We perform a Gait Analysis of how you walk and run. If your gait is off too much, running or related exercises could put you at a heightened risk of injury. After analyzing, we can design a program for you and correct any problems.

That is the science behind the magic, and it’s only the beginning. There’re also the all-important nutrition and exercise elements to our program. The real magic happens when you learn, work hard, make friends, And most importantly when you wake up one day and realize that you are no longer stranded; you’re no longer desperate, and you know that there is no way you will ever go back to that place where you thought you would die…but first you have to come to Live in Fitness™.


Here is our recommendation for today’s lunch from the weight loss camps of Live In Fitness. Bring a piece of Italy to your home while you eat healthy. Andie’s shows you how to do it step by step. Watch the video and make it happen tonight. Surprise those at your house or maybe yourself.

Italian Sausage Hoagie Recipe


  1. For the Sauce: Heat a large saucepan over medium-high heat; add the oil and heat through. Sauté the onions, peppers and garlic until tender, about 5 minutes.  
  2. Add the tomatoes, tomato sauce and black pepper, and reduce the heat to a simmer; cook, stirring occasionally, until the sauce is slightly reduced, about 10 minutes. Stir in the fresh herbs, and immediately remove from the heat.
  3. For the Sandwich: Split the baguette in half, and remove most of the soft center (to reduce the carb count). Cut into 4 equal pieces for sandwiches.
  4. Heat a medium skillet over medium-high heat; coat with cooking spray. Add the sausages and cook until golden brown and cooked through, about 15 to 20 minutes. Transfer the sausages to a platter, and cover with aluminum foil; hold warm.
  5. Place the skillet back over medium heat; coat with cooking spray. Cook the onions and peppers until tender and nicely browned, about 20 minutes.
  6. To build the sandwiches, place one sausage on each baguette piece. Top each with 1/4 of the onions, peppers and tomato sauce, and serve immediately.


SERVES 4 (Serving Size: 4-inch piece French baguette with center removed, 3.8-oz Italian sausage, 1/8 of an onion, 1/8 of a bell pepper,  1/4 of the tomato sauce)

Andie's Kitchen 3
weight loss camps

Weight Loss Camps 



Live In Fitness – Call Us Fitness Retreat

At Live in Fitness™, we are one-hundred-percent positive that what we do works, and losing weight is just the tip of the iceberg. We teach our clients how to exercise safely and effectively; we teach them how to eat, cook and shop in a healthy responsible way; we help them discover and eliminate the behaviors and thought processes that kept them from succeeding in the past. What we aren’t sure about is what you should call us.

After arriving, our clients are known to call us things that aren’t very nice…at least at first. After all, we insist that they do things and eat things that weren’t part of their routine before. If they were they wouldn’t need us anymore.

But we don’t mind, because we have an almost-two-decade track record of lost pounds and changed lives. So if, along the way, we get called some names that don’t sound too flattering, that’s cool, because we know that in the end what we do works. And when people leave here, they are lighter, happier, healthier and full of gratitude.

Before they come here however, people call us names that we don’t consider too flattering either, because they don’t really nail what we do. For example…

Fat Farm – We don’t like the F word. And this name implies that we grow fat. On the contrary, we get rid of it.

Fat Camp – Yes, people leave their homes and stay with us for an extended period of time in a really cool place. But again, we don’t like the F word, and the term conjures sad little overweight kids being forced to go away and be tortured for the summer.

Weight Loss Spa/Weight Loss Getaway – Weight loss, definitely. But although our facility at Hilton Head Island doubles as a beautiful vacation spot, both of these names make it sound like you’re going to get pedicures and lie on the beach while people bring you food and cocktails.

Weight Loss Retreat/Weight Loss Camp – These are much better than “Fat” anything and frankly closer to what we are. But weight loss is only part of what we offer — we teach you how to live a healthy, happy life and keep it off.

Fitness Retreat/Fitness Camp -This name is okay, but it implies that you just come here and exercise. If you read it to mean a place where you can become physically, mentally and spiritually fit…then we’re getting really close.

We don’t really love any of these, but we love helping people lose weight for the long term, look and feel great and have a life and a self that they love. So you choose — call us whatever you want — just make sure you call us.