Although the practice of yoga is often related to woman, there is more men now in days joining the group. There is many reasons why you ended up in a yoga class or a fitness retreat, wether you’re looking for muscle strength or an emotional stability; yoga could potentially replace your psychologist, priest or even your doctor. Here are five reason why you should do yoga.


Emotional Balance

Among the many occupation we have during the day, it becomes almost impossible to have a moment for ourselves. And we go through our river just catching up with our duties. It’s been proved that it reduces the indices of stress by controlling the mental loops of fear, regret, frustration, anxiety and anger. Learning how to control your mind will keep you present and more aware of your body. It can have a positive effect on those who suffer from migraines and insomnia to lupus, high blood pressure, and heart attacks.

Improve Your Relationships

The emphasis on yoga’s philosophy is to be aware of yourself -to be present, to not harm the other, to be able to tell the truth and to take only what you need. This sounds like that old recipe for love that we might have been told once when we were young, but never really put in practice. Give yourself a second chance and let yoga be your guide this time -it might accelerate the search for a wedding venue and go figure what much more.

Inner and Outer Strength

Yoga will provide you with tools needed to build a cognitive structure which will give room for discipline. Mental strength is just as important as physical and should be something we look forward everyday. An old cliché calls for feeling good better than looking good, but it’s true. The continuous practice of yoga can reduce arthritis and back pain, it will give strength to your bones along flexibility.

Better Sex and Self-esteem

As yogic philosophy teaches, that you are a manifestation of the Divine and you better believe it. Taking a different approach on how you perceive yourself will be inevitable. When you achieve to connect with most of your senses with an educational approach it will reward you with feelings like forgiveness, attitude and empathy.  In bed, it will keep you focused and more sensitive and responsive to your partner. Taking some of the relaxation and breathing techniques from yoga to the bed will also help you prevent premature ejaculation and you go figure where the rest can take you.

Better Place

Yogis say that it has the potential to transform you and take you to a different place, but truth is that you’re in better place since the moment you decide to be helped to reach your goal. It’s setting up a goal and reach to those that care about you to help you reach it. It’s about making peace with those things in life that are holding you back, move forward with more experience knowing that it all starts and ends with you, but never by yourself.

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