Pre-and-Post Workout Snacks

It’s essential that if you are starting out with a fitness routine you add some snacks before or after the workout this will not only help regulate your digestion, but it will also boost your energy and add the needed protein for the muscles. A secret from a weight loss retreat.


Here are five different snacks for your consideration. Remember, change it up to your taste and desire this is also good stage for you to know what nutrients will workout for your diet. A fitness routine can become a headache overtime and even more when results start to come in slower, but that’s ok, here is what will make your routine more efficient. You will notice the difference since day one.

weight los retreat

Handful of lean roast beef

Equal portion of butternut squash

weight loss retreat


Dried cranberries

Dried banana

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1 or 2 Hard-boiled eggs

1 Slice of whole-wheat toast

weight loss retreat


Nutela or peanut butter


weight loss retreat


Carrot Sticks

Celery sticks


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