Wondering why you can’t lose weight? Learn more about micronutrients, blood sugar levels and their roles in metabolism.

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Did you know - water

Misconceptions about water do not end. Have you talked to your doctor about arthritis? How much water are you drinking? Water and electrolytes are the body’s natural lubricant. How sore you will be will determine how hydrated you are when you workout. Everyone thinks of just water; did you know that coffee and caffeinated beverages will deplete your body of minerals hence electrolytes? Injury to a tendon, ligament and a muscle will depend on how hydrated you are. Think of it as a rubber band and the more dehydrated you are the more taught the rubber band is and if you keep pulling it what will happen? A micro tear, a strain or the rubber band will snap just like your muscles, tendons and ligaments.  By the way, your heart is a muscle and bad things can happen if it cramps. If your endocrine system is imperfect as many people’s are that puts you in great need for proper hydration. This becomes a major factor for those that are trying to lose weight. At Live In Fitness, we’ll run several tests on you to make sure we get to know your body and what it’s real needs are.

Join the talk with Eric Viskovicz where he indulges about micronutrients as well as the relation between your blood sugar levels, fat and energy and their roles on metabolism.

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