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We all stress about balancing different aspects of our lives, specifically how much time we spend on our health, social life, family and career. Here is a quick exercise that can help you see what life balance means to you. If you haven’t tried this, this will help with prioritizing and balancing what’s most important to you.

Using the chart below, we’re going to look at where you are now, and address where you want to be. Do a before and after list to see the difference. First, write down the percentage of time you currently (don’t lie!) spend on these different areas in your life. After you’re done, I want you to pretend that you only have one hour in your day.  How would you priorities the time among each of these life areas? Make sure it all equals to 100%

balance-pie-sheet-fat-campAfter writing the list, here are things to note: 

Strengths and Weaknesses.

What types of things can you do to get yourself in Balance? List your strengths and weaknesses.

Explain in detail; ideas to focus on strengths and use your weaknesses as strengths: (A great resource for doing this is the Gallup Strength Finders Test)

How Do You Want to Look? Which areas do you need to improve? Visualize your Goal! Take a moment and imagine the ideal you.  When you have the picture in your head, it’s time to go find yourself. You can find pictures online of things you want to accomplish and pictures of your ideal body. Save those pictures or even print them and put them on your fridge. They will serve as a reminder and motivation to keep you focused on what you really want to achieve.

It is important to write down our goals and thoughts to help us better understand them, and for us to really know and visualize what our goals are. Realizing out strengths and weaknesses is a big step in working on moving forward and bettering ourselves. The first step is to admit you need to work on certain aspects of your life in order to make a change that will help guide you in the right direction mentally and physically.

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