“The program changed my life because I dropped 55 pounds last time that I came in 2020. My life decisions changed because of how I feel now.”

Trevor is a 30 year old Real Estate Professional from Boston, Massachusetts. After graduating college, Trevor started to struggle with his weight. He focused more on his career than his own health. “I started to gain 20 pounds per year for 5 years and felt like a prisoner in my own body.” -Trevor.  His biggest struggles were lack of exercise and an unhealthy diet. At some point in Trevor’s life he wanted change! He first came to LIF in 2020 and met Eric V. During his first time at LIF, he lost a total of 55 pounds! “The program is very well structured and informative!” -Trevor. A year later, Trevor came back to LIF to get the extra push on losing more pounds and to hit a bigger goal! He knew that if he could do it the first time then he certainly would the second time! “This being my second time back to LIF, I lost more than I expected per week!” He now feels healthier, happier, and confident! 

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