Couple honeymoon at live in fitness!

Justin lost 16 pounds! Gina lost 4.5% in body fat and gained 2.34 pounds in lean muscle mass.


Justin, 43 years old and Gina, 44 years old, a military power couple arrived to Live in Fitness on June 26th and have been here for a couple weeks. Both from San Diego, California, were looking for an alternative for their honeymoon. “We didn’t want to drink. We wanted to work-out. Have a reset to our lifestyle we wanted to live.” said Justin. The results they’ve acquired have been a surprise to the both of them. Gina states, “I was hoping to lose five pounds in two weeks. I was shocked when I lost six pounds in weight loss in a week!” Justin felt the same way, “Wow! That’s all I can really say.”


Justin and Gina are retired military personnel. After retirement and the loss of a business, is when they started to notice a weight change. Within three months of retiring, Justin underwent carpal tunnel surgeries on both wrists and a bunionectomy. The recovery time prolonging to half a year resulted in extreme muscle atrophy and weight gain. Gina, on the other hand, had struggled with stress eating. “I had self-control issues about food. I would go get fast food, chips and the next day I would self-negative talk. It was really a vicious cycle. We really needed a reset and luckily found this retreat.”


Justin and Gina discovered Live In Fitness, a truly transformative program, after an online search on Google. “We were looking for fitness retreats. We looked up places in South Florida that were unfortunately a spa, even looked in Thailand. We saw that the price was right and that it wasn’t a spa. That was the selling point for the both of us.”


“This experience has really put a reset to our lifestyle. Having our meals planned to the intricate detail concerning macronutrients, has given us new mindsets about food. We are excited to implement everything we’ve learned here and take it back home. Having set meals and calories has given me structure and we love structure!”


Having outstanding results has given optimism for this hot couple to continue on the betterment of their individual journey. “I am excited to use fitclubtv for the recipes and to see the videos. I feel really good about moving forward,” Gina exclaimed.


Justin and Gina provide some direction on how to be successful here at Live in Fitness. “Have an open mind. Don’t refuse the food, don’t question the chef, don’t think you know more than those who are training you. Follow the program, [emphasized] especially the food. If you are ready to change your life, take out all the guess work, want to lose weight and body fat, gain lean muscle mass, this is the place. Have someone who will support you throughout the process.”


The power couple truly learned so much. Ranging from nutrition to internal dialogue lecture with Coach Spencer. They highlighted their favorite meals from Chef Jason, “I really loved the chilaquiles!” said Justin. “I love the salads. Chef Jason did an amazing job varying the salad combinations,” Gina stated.


Although they were only here for two weeks, they’re excited to be inches closer to their ultimate goal. Gina has the ultimate goal of 17% body fat. Justin is curious to see what potential 8% body fat looks like but is leaning towards maintenance of 10% body fat.

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