Congratulations, Joe, on dropping 6.4 lbs in 1 week and for reaching his target weight goal!!

Congratulations, Joe, on dropping 6.4 lbs in Live In Fitness.

Joe is originally from Chicago but lives in St. Louis. Even after losing some of the recommended weight by his doctor, Joe struggled to reach his target goal weight with countless hours at the gym and counting calories. He came to the conclusion that he needed help to reach his ultimate weight and fitness goals. After reviewing several fitness facility websites, he decided that the program offered by Live In Fitness was the right choice.


Joe Live In Fitness


Your experience at Live In Fitness?

“As a Live In Fitness member at the Silver level, my body weight composition and resting metabolic rate was measured, analyzed, and explained to me on the first day, and again on my last day. I purposely did not weigh myself for the duration of my stay, hoping that I’d be pleasantly surprised by the measurements that were made on my final day. Discovering on that day that I’d lost seven pounds of body fat was the best “going away gift” ever! Getting desired results by participating in the Live In Fitness program proved to me that I could successfully achieve my weight and fitness goals by using the nutrition and physical fitness plans taught at Live In Fitness, created by Eric Viskovicz. That affirming message, along with the road map for success that Live In Fitness provides, gave me confidence that I could achieve and maintain a healthy life.”


Why made you decide Live In Fitness was the right choice for you?

“After reading about LIF’s program on their website, I was pretty sure I wanted to enroll. After speaking on the phone with Sarah, the person who answered my questions about LIF, I was sold. Her enthusiasm, understanding, and support was awesome. I figured that if the rest of the staff was just half as enthusiastic and supportive as she was, My LIF experience would be a very positive one!”


Did Live In Fitness meet your expectations?

“My thinking was that supervised diet and exercise would be what I’d get. What I got, however, was much more than that. I got an education about nutrition, a sustainable food plan rather than a diet, an enthusiastic and committed team of coaches, a welcoming environment, and a support system for maintaining and achieving my goals after I left LIF and went home. I’m very pleased with what I achieved, and very confident that I will make the lifestyle adjustments necessary to continue my progress. The commitment of the staff throughout the organization, the well explained “value proposition” that LIFE offers, the willingness of the coaches to be personally accountable (along with me, of course) for the results I wanted to achieve, the positivism that permeates the program, and the friendliness of the guests who were at LIF with me. Before, when thinking about whether or not I could develop and maintain a healthy life, my thought was “Why the heck is this so hard?”. After my time at LIF, my thought is “Hey, I can do this!”


Any advice for others considering Live In Fitness?

“First and foremost, my advice is to STOP CONTEMPLATING, and “Just Do It!”. Envision the future you and take the action that will get you there. The other advice I’d offer is to not be worried about how limiting you think your current fitness level will be. LIF clients of every fitness level in the spectrum attended while I was there. The individualized program approach used by LIF gives every client the opportunity for success, regardless of their fitness level upon arrival.”


“One of my favorite quotes is: ‘life is what happens while you are busy making other plans’. My advice would be this: Make your healthier, happier life happen at Live In Fitness!”


Congratulations, Joe, on reaching your goal! You are an inspiration!!
– From all of the LIFE TEAM.

Joe – Live In Fitness

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