When It Came time to Choose a Vacation, Hugh Chose a Renewed LIFE Instead

When It Came time to Choose a Vacation, Live In Fitness

We’ve all been there. After a day of hard work and day to day stressors, nothing sounds better than an indulgent comforting meal and relaxing in front of the television. That is, until it catches up with you. This is what happened to Hugh. Until he made a commitment to himself and decided that he wanted to be healthier for himself and his family. Take a look at how Hugh was able to change his life and the tools he acquired during his stay at Live in Fitness.

Vacation Live In Fitness

Tell us a little about yourself:

“My wife and I lived in Chicago for 26 years and raised our 4 children there, then 5 years ago moved to the Salt Lake valley. I’ve worked as a consultant and then business manager at a law firm.  Then, when we moved to Salt Lake, my wife and I opened an Elements Massage Studio. In that time, we’ve gone from 5 rooms and 6 massage therapists to 15 rooms and over 30 therapists. It has kept us very busy.”

Wow! What amazing success! Sounds like the growth of your business was a lot to handle! When did you notice a weight pattern or change?  

“Using our savings to open and grow a new business from scratch is stressful!  I found myself stress-eating as well as eating fast food to save time. Also, I really enjoy all kinds of sweets and desserts.”

How did this method of handling stress make you feel and affect your lifestyle?

“After a while, I began to notice a steep drop in energy and ambition. After a long day with the business, I just wanted to sit in my easy chair, watch TV, and of course, snack.  Last year I had to go on blood pressure medication and this year I’m turning 60. I’d tried dieting and exercising on my own, but I could never get it going for more than a week or 2 at the most.  I knew I had to do change something or I was going to really be in trouble.”

What are you biggest struggles when it comes to healthy living?  

“As I said earlier, sweets (think donuts), fast food and too little exercise.  Beyond that, I lacked the commitment and belief I could really do it. Eating right and especially exercise just seemed to take too much time and effort.”

Why did you choose Live in Fitness to help you in your fitness journey?  

“As our business life settled down a bit, my wife and I decided we’d go on a cruise.  It was then she asked me a very vital question, “Are you sure that going on a cruise with all that food 24/7 and sitting around is what you should be doing?”  I had heard of fitness camps and occasionally thought about them, but this time I got on the internet, did my research and then asked her what she thought about me doing that instead (She’s in good shape).  To my surprise, she readily agreed. I chose Live In Fitness because it was NOT a spa, but a real health camp that worked you, fed you right and most importantly, had a strong emphasis on building a workable plan for when you went home.”

What did you expect when coming to Live in Fitness?  

“To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what to expect, but what I found here at Live in Fitness is what I hoped it would be.  A place with firm, but helpful coaches who work you to your personal max while at the same time helping you understand the basics of how to do a good workout.  I’m also very happy with how they tailor the meals to each camper and teach nutrition. I was afraid I’d feel hungry all the time, but that has not been the case at all.  The meals are very filling, and the snacks keep the hunger away. It has been much easier to stick to the diet than I thought.”

How do you feel about your progress so far? 

“VERY ENCOURAGED! I’ve lost 14lbsgone down a belt notch, improved on all my test exercises and at the start of the day, have much more energy.  All in one week. (I’m still beat at the end of the day, but that’s what I’m shooting for.) My wife and children are proud of me as well.

What about the program has worked for you so far?  

Really, all of it.  The controlled diet, the variety of exercises and the encouragement to give it my all in every class.  The lectures are very helpful, and the other campers all seem to be friendly and supportive.”

What do you enjoy about the program, classes, lectures, staff and clients?  

“First, I have found that they all work together to change both your life while here and to prepare you to go back home with a new life style.  The coaches are friendly, informative and supportive. The classes are designed to work EVERY muscle and/or increase your flexibility. The lectures really focus on what you need to know and do when you leave (something I was really looking for) and the staff are very helpful and cheerful.  I was also very pleased on how friendly and supportive the other clients are. Some come in already in great shape trying to gain a further edge and others have months of effort in front of them just to get into normal shape again, but we all pull together to support and encourage each other.  There isn’t any judgment here for past mistakes, just optimism for what the future can hold.”

How has this changed your outlook on life?  

“After working this hard and seeing what can be achieved, taking care of myself has moved up to being a top priority in my life.  I’m not going to waste this effort and work when I get back. Also, I’m going to be around to play with my grandchildren and go on active adventures with my wife–  she’ll love that!”

What advice would you give others contemplating attending the program?  

“Look at your life now and if you’re not happy with your size and health, come here and really do something about it.  You truly can’t put a price on good health. I also believe it will help you be more successful in all other areas of your life.”

“You only have one life, make it the best by being your best.  Stop thinking about it and just do it!”

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