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Whoa! Nikki is Killing it!!

This week we’re honoring Nikki – Live In Fitness.

Nikki came to us from Marietta, GA. Nikki’s passion all of her life has been singing and dancing. For years her weight has been coming in between her and her life’s passions. When a friend told her about Live in Fitness she knew the time had come to make a real change in her life!

Nikki chose Live in Fitness to avoid all the fluff other programs offer and get straight to WORK. Since 1997 we have specialized in helping great clients, just like Nikki, work hard in support of our 2 main goals: lose weight and make a life style change! She signed up for the program for 4 weeks and had already lost 20 lbs in only 3 weeks!! 

Nikki shows the initiative and fire needed to reach her goals. Some clients have trouble doing certain exercises because of their weight, but that has never stopped Nikki! She makes modifications in exercises if she cannot do it, she’s always moving, and realizes this is a lifestyle change and not a diet. These are all key to having the body and life you deserve. Nikki takes this mindset and continues to be a kind, motivating force in the gym. She pushes herself and others to the limit and helps herself and her fellow clients stay positive.

Nikki has been an example for many and has taken to physical and internal training exceptionally. She has very solid internal and external goals and already has a game plan on how to transition her routing at LIF into her home life! We’re proud to call her part of the Live in Fitness Family!
Congratulations from all of the LIF TEAM!

Nikki – Live In Fitness

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