Congratulations to our LIF Client of the Week- Amy!

Congratulations to our LIF Client of the Week- Amy!

Amy is from Texas and chose a career as a Certified Registered Nurse Anesthetist (CRNA). She is currently the Chief CRNA of the anesthesia group for Labor & Delivery at Midland Memorial Hospital, Midland.


This is Amy’s third returned visit to Live-in-Fitness.  Her first visit was in January 2012 at our Marina Del Rey location.  She had always been athletic but over time had gained 20lbs and knew she needed to change her environment and reset. She chose to return to Live-in-Fitness.  Live-in Fitness re-educated her on good dietary habits and a renewed enjoyment for working out. She continued this at home and dropped 30 lbs total. She returned in February 2014 to Hilton Head as a refresher. Her 3rd visit was to our current location in Long Beach.  2016 came with a change in lifestyle and was when Amy started noticing her weight gain.


She became disappointed in herself that she had herself go. She knew she could do better and didn’t want to end up “settling” with excuses such as “it’s just my age, we get slower and gain when we get older” or “it’s not “that” bad, just a few extra pounds”. She is not an “excuse” type of person. She was always about accountability and was disappointed that she was no longer being accountable and needed to fix that. She had lost her energy and drive to workout and realized the only way to get back on track was to change her environment and she decided to return to LIFE.


When asked ‘Why did you chose to return to Live-in-Fitness?


It is truly a great example of how good nutrition and exercise go hand in hand. With the testing that is involved we get an awesome education on heart rate zones and body composition. The nutrition side shows us how “much” to eat and in what balance for our bodies. Once one understands how the two feed off of each other it’s really quite simple to develop good habits to take home and continue on to a healthy lifestyle. The eating part is not a “diet”. We learn we can eat anything but everything we eat is a choice. Live-in-Fitness allowed me to hit the “reset” button. Getting back on track with what I know to do but could not do on my own in my “comfortable” environment. I think this program is Awesome! I take this program seriously. I know if I put in the time and follow the program the results will be obvious. I have lost in just two weeks 6.7 lbs of fat and have gained 1 lb lean mass. I look and feel better and am well on my way to my goal of 18lbs. I have a renewed education in nutrition and nutritional balance along with renewed energy and drive to continue exercising. I also know my “numbers” RMR, VO2 Max, body composition and heart rate zones. I have the education to take what I have accomplished at LIFE and continue on once home. It’s all very clear again.


When asked what did you enjoy most about the program?


The simple answer “all of it”. However more specifically I would say first and foremost the staff and the positivity that surrounds them. The coaches are truly interested in our success. To work with as many people as they do and the diversity of personalities, they stay positive and upbeat. People come to LIFE for different reasons and I feel the coaches have the knowledge and desire to find out what motivates each of us and works to help us get back into a healthy lifestyle. The lectures are very informative from dietary, posture, life coaching and goal planning. Makes one think of the future and how to take LIFE home. The classes are awesome and each day is different. Never gets monotonous because there are so many choices to fit each person’s level. From the first time I attended I knew I had landed on something good and educational. LIFE gives us the life tools we need. The key is for each client to grab hold and take it home. What I hear from other clients is the positivity and “want” to continue the great lessons learned at LIFE. It’s a great program.


When asked what advice would you give to others thinking about attending Live-in Fitness?


I have actually had two people in the past come to LIFE from the positivity and excitement I have stated about the program. Many people want to get out of the rut they are in but in reality very few can do it on their own. I couldn’t. I tell them if they are truly interested in their future and the health of their future, LIFE is the place to start. Again it is a reset button. Gets one out of their element and focused on just himself. LIFE gives one the nutritional and physical tools along with a boost of accomplishment when you see how the two together actually work to get and stay healthy. I tell them “it works”. It’s a positive place.  The staff is knowledgeable, the food is great and the people are all there because they want the same thing you do, a healthy, positive future.


Her advice to clients would be ‘Stick with the program. Don’t cheat. Trust the numbers. You get out of it what you put in so work hard. Once you start seeing the results the motivation increases to stay the course. Before long it becomes your new happy, healthy lifestyle. LIFE is good.


Congratulations Amy!  With each visit to LIFE you have been an inspiration to all around you.  Each day you stay focused, energised, motivated and ready to work. You are the reason we continue to do what we do each and every day.  Striving to make that change.


Proud to have been your Coach- Coach Caleb “The Beach Bodies”

Live In Fitness


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