“I had chronic health problems that required possibly living for the rest of my life on drugs. Then I searched for a total immersion fitness program and found L.I.F.E. At first, it was extremely challenging and they pushed me to achieve my physical potential beyond what I thought was possible. Their progressive approach to determining my goals and measuring my progress on a weekly basis helped me push beyond my expectations. Their nutrition education taught me how to eat right. The best part about i is that my illness indicators have all fallen back into the normal range of a healthy person. My doctor said, ”Whatever you‛re doing, keep doing it.” He was amazed at the changes, and I don‛t have to go back to those nasty drugs!”  – Bess Vrataccos


Arne B., an aspiring singer lives in Los Angeles CA and is familiar with the common pressures of living up to the standard of beauty often expected of women, in the entertainment industry. Struggling with weight gain and weight loss most of her adult life, Arne knew with her 50th birthday rapidly approaching, this was her chance to finally change her life for the good. Arne had two goals: was to get into the best shape of her life and prove to herself that anything was possible. Starting at the LIF weight loss camp was difficult as Arnae wasn’t familiar with pushing her body to the limit in order to accomplish her goals. But as the weeks flew by, the exercises started to become easier and easier eventually turning into second nature, as LIF provided the fitness and diet routine that proved to produce magnificent results. By the end of the program Arnae could put on that bikini she once dreamed about and left glowing on her 50th birthday.


Arne B

Start Weight: 177 lbs

End Weight: 135 lbs