Bess“I had chronic health problems that required possibly living for the rest of my life on drugs. Then I searched for a total immersion fitness program and found L.I.F.E. At first, it was extremely challenging and they pushed me to achieve my physical potential beyond what I thought was possible. Their progressive approach to determining my goals and measuring my progress on a weekly basis helped me push beyond my expectations. Their nutrition education taught me how to eat right. The best part about i is that my illness indicators have all fallen back into the normal range of a healthy person. My doctor said, ”Whatever you‛re doing, keep doing it.” He was amazed at the changes, and I don‛t have to go back to those nasty drugs!”  – Bess Vrataccos

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Fitness Retreat

34 Year Old loses 18 lbs of pure fat!

34 year old man loses 18 pounds of pure fat and gains 4.71 8.43% BF Brandon Watson is a 34 year old traveling nurse from

Fitness Retreat


Man get’s off of his insulin while staying at Live in Fitness!

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