Fitness Retreat

At Live in Fitness we make sure to help guide our clients in the right direction to insure an easy transition after staying at our fitness retreat. While making your heart, muscles and immune system stronger, a fit lifestyle can also improve your mental and emotional health. Here are 4 ways exercise can improve your quality of life.

Defeats depression:

Researchers shows there is a strong link between regular exercise and improved emotional health. Exercise causes the release of mood lifting hormones, relieves stress and encourages a state of well being. The muscle contractions that occur in most types of exercise can increase levels of the serotonin, which defeats negative feelings.

Improves sex life:

Moderate aerobic exercise can benefit both libido and performance. Studies have found that exercising 30 minutes a day make men 40% less likely to experience erectile dysfunction. In women, 20 minutes of cycling boosts women’s sexual arousal by 170%!

Improves intellect:

Physical exercise boosts blood flow to the brain, which helps increase brain functions. It also encourages good lung health and keeps peoples memories and mental acuity strong as they age. Aerobic exercises, in particular, improve cognitive function.

Helps sleep:

Aerobic exercise helps you fall asleep faster, improves REM sleep, and wakes you less during the night. Exercise is the only way for adults to increase the amount of sleep they get.

Exercise does much more than only keep you slim it also keeps you sane and your life on track. If you’re in stuck in a rut and haven’t been exercising it’s never to late it start and could help you turn things around.

Live in fitness!

weight loss camps

weight loss camps

Live In Fitness Can Change Your Life

It’s difficult to change your behavior but the key to living a healthy lifestyle is often a behavioral change. So, what can you do? At Live in Fitness weight loss camps, we are all about showing you techniques to find your own personal path to fitness. Through the techniques, you would learn on a retreat, you can take those principles and use them in your day to day life. Here are some ways Live In Fitness can change your life:

Psychological Counseling

At Live In Fitness, we have a team of psychological counselors on staff. You may think, “if this is a weight loss camp, why do you need a team that focuses on psychology and not physique?” The goal of Live In Fitness is not just to have you come through a weight loss camp, lose weight, and then leave you on your own to potentially gain it back. Our goal is to equip you with the mindset and knowledge to keep the weight off.

Psychological counseling is a big part of our aftercare plan. When you leave the program, behavioral change is going to be your best option to keep your fitness goals on track.

Goal Setting

The key to starting a behavioral change is clear and achievable goal setting. Without a goal or with an unrealistic goal, you are more likely to stray from you weight loss plan. For instance, if you set a goal to lose two pounds a week for one month, you can see your progress happening as you go. Your morale will be up as you get closer and closer to success and when the month is over you will have the emotional momentum to set and achieve a new goal.

On the other hand, if you set a vague goal like, “I want to lose 50 pounds” without having any specific goals or plans to achieve that, it will be easy to lose focus. Once you start to lose focus you may become disillusioned when you don’t see progress and give up entirely.

At our weight loss camp at Live in Fitness, we look at your specific physical needs and behavioral tendencies to set specific goals, tailored to you.


At a weight loss camp, you have a nutritionist or trainer to help monitor your fitness progress. That accountability is vital at the beginning of your weight loss process and monitoring your nutritional intake and your exercise is incredibly important. Through Live in Fitness, you can learn how to monitor yourself in order to track your movement toward your ultimate goals. That way, when you get home, you can continue to strive toward fitness and keep the weight off.

Identify Unhelpful Behaviors

Through goal setting and self-monitoring, you will be able to see the behaviors that may have contributed to making you out of shape in the first place. Plus, through continued workout programs, psychological counseling, and consultations with fitness experts you can work through those tendencies and create a life-changing mindset shift that contributes to lifelong healthy living.