Top 5  Things You Need to Know About Muscle Soreness


Muscle Soreness – Fitness Retreat The first time you try anything, doesn’t matter if you run, do Crossfit, bike, or engage in any form of sports or martial arts, do you find yourself waking up the next day, unable to move, every muscle aching and sore? That every time you finish a new routine or […]

It’s Gonna Cost You

It's Gonna Cost You - Live in fitness

It’s Gonna Cost You A woman walks down a crowded street, on her way to what promises to be a very important meeting. She’s not late, but she’s cutting it very close. She silently rehearses her presentation as she weaves in and out of throngs of leisurely walkers and window shoppers. Some are offended as […]

You Can’t Be Yourself Here

You Can't Be Yourself Here

It’s two o’clock in the morning. You stare into the bottom of an ice cream bucket, or an empty pizza box, and think, “This is ridiculous. I have to stop!” You settle in front of the TV, full of food and remorse, and turn on the TV only to find some ripped guy and a […]

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