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The best thing about being an adult is that you can eat whatever you want whenever you want. If you want to order and devour the entire left side of the McDonald’s menu, you can do that. And though people might look at you in a funny or frightened way, nobody will stop you.

When you’re finished, or more specifically, about two hours after you’re finished, you will wish that someone had stopped you. But you’re an adult, right? It’s your job to say when. You make the decisions; that’s the best thing.

The worst thing about being an adult is that you are responsible for the consequences of your decisions. As a kid, you don’t have much choice about what you’re going to eat, when you’re going to eat, or how much you’re going to eat. Your parents buy and prepare the food; they put it on your plate, and tell you to eat every morsel of it because, if you don’t, you’re somehow affecting the lives of children in a far-off, disadvantaged country. You think, “I’m pretty sure kids halfway around the globe aren’t going to want this liver anymore than I do, no matter how hungry they are.” So you sit there, spread the gross food around your plate, feed it to the dog, throw it behind the fridge…anything to get up from the table and go play with your friends.

But you’re not a child⎯you’re an adult, and it’s like Halloween, Christmas, and Grandma’s house all rolled into one. You can have sweets, pastries, pizzas, ice cream, etc. whenever you want them, and depending on your financial situation, the supply is nearly limitless.

You can’t help yourself. You know you shouldn’t eat the way you do, but no one is there to tell you no, except you, and you don’t know how. That’s where Live in Fitness can help.

First things first, so that you don’t stop reading and start eating: When we say you can’t eat what you want, what we mean is, if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you can’t eat the things you eat now in the quantities that you eat them.

We’re definitely NOT saying that you can’t eat the foods you like. Granted, those foods have caused you a lot of pain over the years, but they have also given you a lot of pleasure. Food is one of the greatest pleasures there is; we have no intention of removing that pleasure and making your life miserable.

On the contrary, we’re going to teach you how to eat in a way that allows you to enjoy food in a responsible, healthy way…with no guilt and no regrets.

When you come to our fitness retreat in Long Beach, California, we are going to ensure that you’ll be experiencing a wonderful weight-loss getaway. We’re also going to teach you how to stay that way. This does not include starving yourself. Thinner is great, but healthier and happier are much better.

That’s why we have a proven program that can make you this way, and it has three primary elements to it: Behavior, Exercise, and Nutrition.

Making behavioral changes is vital, because whatever you’re doing now isn’t working. You’ve probably tried countless fad diets and/or exercise equipment that promises to make you look like the people selling them, and they haven’t worked. That’s because the magic isn’t in whatever they’re selling⎯—it’s inside you.

We help you delve into the underlying issues that have kept you from succeeding in the past. Once they’re discovered, we address them and teach you to deal with them in a healthy way.

Exercise is also vital. It’s no secret that regular exercise reduces your risk for serious diseases. The operative word is regular. When exercise becomes a habit, you not only feel better and have more energy, but you also look better…which in turn makes you feel better and have more energy. It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill, but instead of the ball getting bigger, you’re getting smaller.

Not to mention, you have to eat. And when you eat, you’re taking in calories, a.k.a. fuel. Your body is a machine that needs to burn that fuel. If it isn’t burned, it’s stored.

This can’t be emphasized enough: FOOD IS FUEL. If you want to feel and look your best, exercise and attitude aren’t enough; you need the best fuel. That’s why we have professional chefs and nutritionists on staff. They’re here to create a diet and prepare the food specifically for you.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to be eating tiny tasteless meals; you can still eat the foods you like. Only at our fitness retreat, you will learn how to make healthier versions of them and eat them in smaller, but still satisfying portions.

How we’re going to change your life isn’t rocket science, but it is science: psychology, biology, and physiology. Our program is not only three-pronged, it’s proven to work, and we don’t mean only while you’re here. It’s going to work for the long term.

When you get here, you can’t eat what you want. When you leave, you can, because what you want (especially how much you want) will change for the better. You will change for the better.

We'll Probably Make You Cry - Live in fitness
We Are Total Geeks - Live in fitness

Live In Fitness – Geeks

Long before the advent of most of our modern technologies, throngs of people would welcome from miles around and shell out a little money to see brave men and women dance dangerously with exotic animals. They’d be enthralled to see acrobats from far across the ocean swing from dizzying heights. They’d watch with held breath as families would form pyramids and balance for their lives on thin, wobbly wires. And if their morbid curiosity was stronger than their desire to experience danger second hand, they’d go to see the six-fingered man, the bearded lady or the guy who bites the heads off live chickens, a.k.a. the geeks.

When modern technology began to emerge, specifically computers, the word geek gained a new definition, but pretty much kept the same connotation…weird, different, somewhat frightening. But as everyone began to rely on these technologies for their everyday lives, the word geek became a compliment. The geek was less of an oddball and more of someone who, not only knew a lot about things we knew only a little, but they were also enthusiastic about it. Because of their enthusiasm, the word evolved even more and became a verb, e.g. “I am geeked to go surfing,” or “I am totally geeked to get my new iPad,” or “Oh man, the circus is coming to town…I am seriously geeked.”

Considering these definitions, we think it’s more than fair to say that, at Live in Fitness, we are all total geeks with the following exceptions: we all have the normal amount of digits; none of our female associates have beards, and we may serve chicken from time to time, but it is prepared in a humane and sanitary fashion. We are all ridiculously enthusiastic in general, but insanely enthusiastic about weight loss, fitness, nutrition and health. More than anything, we are enthusiastic about seeing you achieve your goals and leave here well on your way to a happy, healthy life. And we’re not ashamed to admit that we are science and technology geeks, too.

Without our scientifically precise program, we would be just another cookie-cutter fitness camp that herds clients in and treats them all the same. Instead, we implement testing and equipment that gauges where you are, both body and mind, and then formulate a plan that is tailored specifically to your goals. In other words, if we don’t know how you got to where you are, we can’t get you to where you want to go.

Our behavioral analysis goes a long way toward separating us apart from other fitness camps, but the largest differentiating factor is our scientific body testing. We learn the following things about you before we develop a plan tailored to you:

Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing
Hydrostatic body fat testing is the most accurate and technologically advanced method available to determine your body fat percentage. We need to make sure that the weight that you are losing is pure fat, and not the lean mass that you lose on most diet programs. By knowing what kind of weight you are losing, we are ensuring that we are helping to speed up your metabolism for the long term and that the inches are dropping off of you more rapidly.

Posture Alignment
Your posture is very important for many exercise plans, but if you have not worked out in a while you may very well have postural problems, often relating to underdeveloped muscles around your spine. Testing your postural alignment can reveal a host of problems, including a stiff or hyper-mobile spine, tight muscles, kyphosis, lordosis, scoliosis, hyper extended joints, and other alignment and movement issues. Once we have evaluated your postural alignment, we can then create an exercise plan to help correct your posture.

RMR System
Your resting metabolic rate determines how quickly you burn calories. We test your RMR when you arrive at the resort, so that we can determine how many grams of protein, carbohydrates and fats you should be consuming in each of your meals from day one. This also helps your coach to implement the correct exercise program to speed up your metabolism as well. Then we’ll keep testing your RMR so that we can adjust your portion sizes as your metabolism changes due to your new healthy lifestyle. This means you always get exactly the calories you need based on how many calories your body is burning.

Real Body Age
Our real body age machine is one of our most important testing devices. Your real body age isn’t the number of years that you’ve been on the planet. It’s a measurement of how at-risk for disease you are, compared to the average person. For example, you could be 35 years old, but just as at risk for a heart attack as a 65-year-old. That would mean that your real body age is 65, not 35. Your real body age is composed of a wide variety of factors that are easily measured by our real body age machine.

V02 Max
Knowing how much oxygen your body can transport and utilize when you exercise is an excellent measurement of your physical fitness, and that’s exactly what the VO2 Max testing system will tell us. This is important because knowing how well you are utilizing oxygen lets us know how strenuously you can exercise and still be safe. The more efficiently your body uses oxygen, the harder you can work out.

Blood Pressure
Your blood pressure determines how strenuously you can work out without putting too much of a strain on your cardiovascular system. Knowing your blood pressure allows us to create workout programs that are safe and effective. During your stay at Live In Fitness, you will develop healthier blood pressure that will allow you to work out harder and burn calories faster, without putting you at risk for heart attack or stroke.

Gait Analysis
How you walk and run can have a dramatic effect on your body and your workout plan. If your gait is off too much, running or related exercises could put you at a heightened risk of injury. We will analyze your gait and design an exercise program that will work for you. If possible, our staff will also try to help you learn how to correct your gait, so you can walk and run in the healthiest way possible.

In addition to our geeky science equipment, we have a staff of chefs, nutritionists, trainers and coaches that are totally geeked to help you. People come from miles around to see the geeks. Please join them and change your life today.

You Can Run, But You Can't Hide - Live in fitness

You Can Run – Fitness Retreat

You Can Run, But You Can’t Hide

Fear is a powerful thing. It only takes a strange sound you hear while home alone to get your imagination running…and your heart running even faster. Fear can create vivid images in your head…scenarios involving an intruder with unthinkable intentions. You hold your breath and listen intently for the next sound. As time passes, you gradually relax as no new sound comes, and then the fear is gone. Until you hear another sound.

The sound you probably just imagined is a literal sound…a creak in the floorboard upstairs, the house settling, or God forbid and actual intruder. But there’s another sound that will temporarily incite fear, and that’s the voice in your head telling you that you’d better take action, or the results will not be pretty. That voice is the one telling you it’s time to change the way you live before what you fear finally shows up. You can’t hide from that voice, because deep down you know that, if you continue to overeat, eat poorly, and not exercise, that voice is only going to give you only so many warnings before what you fear the most finally shows up. So you should run…if you want to. You can also do yoga, swim, play golf, surf…you name it…the options at Live in Fitness are practically limitless.

We understand how frightening it can be to take on a life-changing endeavor like permanent weight loss and long-term health, especially when that’s something that you have probably taken a crack at in the past, and probably with minimal or short-term results at best. We see this fear and doubt in the faces of those who show up to our Hilton Head fitness retreat⎯we hear it in the stories they tell when they get here, stories of past failures and serious doubt of future success. But you should see the looks on our clients’ faces when they leave…and the stories they tell when they’ve taken off the weight and know they’re on the path to, not just long-term weight loss and health, but a life of confidence and happiness that has no room for fear and doubt.

We can hear you now…”Yeah yeah, sure, I’ve heard this before. You’re going to make all of these promises; I’m going to get my hopes up, and the only thing I’m going to lose is more hope and more money.” We get it. But we’re not offering you empty promises, we’re offering a proven system and a promise that we will not let you fall short of your goals this time. Even more than that, we promise that, no matter how much you struggle after you leave, we will make sure that you power through and stay on the healthy, happy path you took when you left here.

When you arrive at our facility at Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, you’ll probably feel like you’re on vacation. The island and the facilities are beautiful, and the average temperature is 76 degrees. You’ll have access to three championship golf courses, an 11-mile lagoon network where you can paddle, surfing lessons, miles of running and biking trails, world-class tennis courts, and you’ll be surrounded by the Atlantic Ocean, which is swimmable year round. In addition to all of these activities, you can eat the foods you like…they might be healthier versions and smaller portions than you’re accustomed to, but you can still eat them. It’s kind of like a weight loss getaway or weight loss retreat.

Of course, there’s a catch. You have to do the work, but know that it will only seem like work before you do it. After you begin, it will seem more like fun than work, and not just because our staff makes sure that you enjoy yourself, but also because you will start seeing results, start feeling great (both physically and emotionally), and all of that fear and doubt will quickly turn into hope and confidence.

You’re probably still wondering how this time will be any different than the last. For starters, we’re not going to sell you a fad diet or magical piece of exercise equipment. We’re going to get to know you as a person and discover what your goals are. Then we’re going to create a plan, specifically tailored to you, that will ensure you don’t fail this time. We’re going to find out what makes you the person you are, what has kept you from success in the pass, and what’s going to be the best way to motivate you now. We’re going to perform a variety of scientific (but not scary) tests to learn what state your body is in, and then create a fitness and nutrition plan based on your preferred exercise and foods that you actually enjoy eating. We guarantee that, if you follow the plan, you will succeed and have fun doing it.

Then what? Do you leave and that’s it? Oh no, you can’t hide from us. We’re not only going to make sure that you have the tools and knowledge necessary to have the body and life you always wanted. We’re also going to be there when you’re struggling. And there will be those times when it’s not easy, but it will be worth it. You’ll be thinner, fitter, healthier, happier…and the voice in your head won’t be warning you, it will be congratulating you.

You'll Find Love at Live In Fitness

You’ll Find Love at Live in Fitness

If you asked a hundred people the best place to find love at Live in Fitness, what do you think their answers would be? Some people would probably spout off some lazy, generic, top-of-mind response like “an online dating site” or “at a club.” Others would respond based on their own experience…”I met my husband in college” or “I met my girlfriend in the produce section of the grocery store.” Others would talk about their children…maybe the unconditional love of their dogs. A cynic might say, “Between the pages of a romance novel.” And even worse, you might get a jaded, sarcastic answer like “Between ‘Look’ and ‘Out’ in the dictionary.”

The best answer is Hilton Head Island, South Carolina…specifically at our Live In Fitness Retreat—not because we’re located on a beautiful, sun-drenched island off the coast where it averages 76 degrees a day, but because the love you find here will last a lifetime. You may not find the romantic love of your life (which has happened, but we can’t make that promise), but you will probably make some lifelong friends, definitely find a staff of people who love helping people like you and want to see you succeed probably more than you do, and you will find a love that precedes all other forms…you will love yourself…not just the way you look, or the way you feel, but the deep-down, last-a-lifetime kind of love that, when you feel it, will bring you tears of joy.

We know this because we have seen it happen literally thousands of times. People have come to us with a bag full of problems (in addition to their unwanted pounds), lives that are nowhere close to where they want them to be, only a feint glimmer of hope, and a feeling about themselves that in no way resembles love. We gave them our love of helping people, a proven program that was tailored specifically to them, and hours of 100% effort and dedication. What they got was thinner, healthier bodies, healthier, happier minds, and the knowledge and support necessary to keep those things for a lifetime. Most importantly, they found a love that they hadn’t had for a very, very long time⎯a love for themselves.

Is having this love easy? No, but nothing that is worth so much is ever easy to attain. Is this love unconditional? Again, no. First, you have to come to Live in Fitness, and then you have to do the work.

Like any love, the prospect of having it, is frightening, and you might start thinking, “Where I am right now isn’t so bad…I’m just going to save the time, energy and money and stay where I’m right now.” Maybe you’re not scared of being hurt (a lot of our exercises won’t feel that great at the time you’re doing them, but you will feel amazing when you’re done)…maybe, no matter how hard you try, you just can’t possibly imagine feeling a happiness that you haven’t felt before, or at least a happiness you haven’t felt for a long time. You will feel it, and you’ll be more than happy you made the commitment.

This is a big promise to make to someone we don’t even know yet, but that’s the biggest reason to come to Live in Fitness—we want to get know you…in fact, if we’re going to replace pounds with joy, we HAVE to get to know you. That’s the essence of our program. We learn what behaviors and attitudes have kept you from, or derailed, your success in the past; we go through a detailed, comprehensive and scientific analysis of where your body is when you arrive, and then we tailor a fitness and weight-loss program specifically to, not only what it will take for you to be the ideal you, but also to the exercises and foods you love.

You’re probably thinking, “Wait…I get to eat whatever I want? How is this going to work?” Well, we have good news and good news. The good news is that you will not be asked to give up any of the foods you love⎯you will only be asked to eat healthier versions of those foods and eat them in moderation. We know, for some of you moderation might seem like a foreign word. It’s not…it’s English…and we can add it to your vocabulary. The other good news is that we have professional chefs and nutritionists on site who will prepare the foods you love, teach you how to prepare them nutritiously, and teach you how food works in your body.

“Great, I get to eat…but this exercise thing doesn’t sound too appetizing.” Trust us, you will acquire a taste for it, and then you’re going to love it as much as any food. Not only do we have a nearly uncountable number of activities and exercises for you to choose from, but also our supportive, energetic coaches will ensure that you succeed and have fun doing it.

Don’t waste any more time. You’ll love at Live in Fitness….and we’d love to help you.