wine and weight loss

Ask Eric: “I have no will power when it comes to wine and food”  

People talk about Triggers food its the negativity that we put behind the food. I can not have this, this is bad, why can’t I stop drinking. This starts this negative cycle.
Stop the insanity plan the bad. Bank calories during the week to get the bad (chocolate, alcohol, cookies, brownies and of course wine) 

Visualization of what important will allow you to evaluate what you want( your goal verses the wine). 

Let’s plan one event a week one small entertainment food event.

Visualization is the key When you can visualize it. You can do it.

How Do You Want to Look? Visualize your Goal!

If you can’t Visualize it you can’t achieve it.

Take a moment and imagine the ideal for you.  When you have the picture in your head, it’s time to go find yourself…in a magazine.  Find photos from magazines or the Internet that reflect how you want to look and feel…the closest thing you can find to the ideal you.  Cut (or print) them out and post them where you’ll see them frequently⎯your mirrors, bulletin boards, and my favorite place, the refrigerator.  These images will act as motivation to reach your goals, as well as a reminder to make a habit out of visualizing.


 It’s important to make visualization a habit, and the best way to make anything a habit (other than the repetition of course) is to make it fun.  Tap into the child that daydreamed, pretended, played make-believe, and created scary monsters that dwelt under the bed!  Remember, when you visualize, you’re creating the YOU that you really want to be.  Nothing is more fun than that!  

Now that you have the image of your ideal self emblazoned in your mind, let’s put the new you into some situations and environments and see how you look and feel.

Picture yourself as you walk into a party dressed in your ideal outfit.  How do you look? How do you feel?  Truly experience your happiness, pride, and newfound confidence. Notice how your friends respond to you.  Hear what they say to you.  Hear them tell you that you look great.  Relish them relating their pride and astonishment at your transformation.  Now imagine, not only the pride you feel but also how you feel physically.  You are strong, fit and healthy.  You’ve achieved your weight loss and fitness goals!  Congratulate yourself!  Celebrate!  You did it!  By seeing it now, you’re on your way to making it real!  

As you imagined the party, now imagine yourself at your class reunion.  You’re walking into a room of former classmates, many you haven’t seen in years.  Imagine your having fun, laughing, enjoying great conversations, and feeling the warmth of old friends and good times.  You’re not self-conscious about your appearance.  On the contrary, you look great, feel great, and people are telling you that you look even better than you did in high school!

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