After Halloween Candy Binge

After Halloween Candy Binge

There it is, the morning after…..Leftover candy in the bowl by the front door that didn’t get grabbed up by the trick or treaters, or in the bag that your kids brought home from their own excursion around the block, and your tummy still hurts from the “snacking” that you already enjoyed last night.  This is called, the Halloween Hangover, kind of like a booze it up hangover, but with a stomach ache instead of a headache.  And you are feeling very remorseful, but for different reasons as well.  What do you do now, and with all that leftover candy laying around? First, go ahead and have some hair of the dog…that’s right, eat some…pick out your favorite bar or a couple of pieces that you really like. Then pack up the rest and either give the rest away or throw it away.  **Tip if you have Kids (see Candy for Toys below)Another Option is an enrollment into our weight loss retreat.

Now, be satisfied and think about the positive direction that you are taking and how good you are going to feel and don’t have a negative reaction, as even if you only have a candy bar a day for two weeks will set you back about 2 pounds. It will take you eating at your resting metabolic rate for each week ( with no extra yummy’s or wine for those weeks )and exercising at least one hour extra a day to burn it off. This is why the average american gains 10-15 pounds between Oct 31- Dec 31st.  We are eating extra’s and aren’t compensating with any additional activity as most of us don’t have time to do all that extra hours, on top of our existing hours of working out during this busy time of year!

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Did You Wear Your Sexy Outfit This Year ????

Another Option is an enrollment into our weight loss retreat.


For those of you that wanted to wear something maybe more sexy or fun for Halloween this year, but didn’t, Why didn’t you? Was it that you just weren’t at the weight that make you feel comfortable?  A sexy cat suit is a dream for some, the majority of us are watching those days slip through our fingers.
Many people are still going to be dreaming of fitting into a cat suit again next year instead of doing something to change, but at Live In Fitness we are getting people healthy, and happy and looking and feeling great.  Love your life and live it to its fullest!
weight loss retreat

**Candy For a Toy**

Let your kids pick out some favorites from the candy bag, then the rest set it out for the candy Witch.
During the night, the Candy Witch will take the candy and will replace the Candy with a Toy!  This is a good idea for your kids and they get something fun that they can keep (and that something isn’t belly fat).  Now, get rid of that candy so that you don’t get the belly fat instead!!

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