Client of the Week Jim!


At Our Amazing Weight Loss Retreat Jim Dropped 9 Pounds in 1 Week and gained 3 lbs in lean mass

 Jim is a 63 year old business development consultant from Glasgow, Scotland. Growing up Jim was always thin. However, there came a time in his life after high where he stopped playing basketball and started piling on pounds. He was aware of it but he would always yo-yo his weight up and down.


Us: “How did it make you feel/or affect your lifestyle?”



Him: “To be honest, the more weight I gained the worse I felt about my overall body appearance. There’s nothing worse when you increase your size chart. Then you start getting gap oasis when you put on the clothes later. I refused to buy XL. I knew I had to make a change!!!”


Us: “What were your biggest struggles?


Him: “My biggest struggle with my health would be when I would go on a diet for two months and not create a new lifestyle. I would go back to my old habits.  It was so easy to basically say Fu-K it after a while.  I have always been a semi athlete all my life . In fact, two years ago I finished a 1/2 marathon. Every year that I got older, it was harder and harder to really kick start the beginning of me getting into shape.”


Us: “What so far about the program has worked for you?”


Him: “The best thing I can say about the program is that it has embedded in me that I can do this and it’s not too late to get healthy. To keep me on track . On one of the hikes. I picked up a small coin shaped rock that I carry with me and rub all the time.  To remind me how hard that I worked at your camp, and I can continue to do your program for the rest of my life.”


Us: “What is your opinion on Eric’s philosophies and approach to fitness and coaching?”


Him: “What I love about his philosophy is that it can work for Blake Griffin’s or even me. I didn’t feel overwhelmed . The coaches and Eric V. taught me how to modify my exercises to do them correctly. Hope, is such an inspiration to this program. Family is everything to me!!! To see Eric incorporate Hope and Lucas into the program it’s heartwarming and inspirational.  Hope put on a circuit doing exercises 100% perfectly. This completely turned me around to my approach to doing exercises. To slooooow down and start a building block basis of my exercises. I have worked out, played and trained with many different coaches in my life. Now that I’m older, Eric recognized that I was not balanced and out of control . I definitely could have hurt myself going this route. What I really appreciated is he didn’t see the real me until I played basketball . He could see a former athlete hiding in my body someplace.  Also, later in the week during the exercises he would ask more of me.  As I did the circuits. I greatly appreciate that.  Because he believes in me, and he knows I can do more. By him asking more out of me.  It makes me motivated to see that he sees my improvement and I can get better.”


Us: “What advice would you give to others? Quote? Statement? Motivation”


Him: Slow is smooth and smooth is fast!!!!!!!

-Jim Scally

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