Woman Loses 55lbs at Fitness Retreat!

Chantal reached out to us in January of 2020 as she felt like her life was in a tailspin.  She had just turned 50 years old and had gotten divorced, and over the last few years she was stress eating, was going thru cycles of working out then not working out, and her weight shot up to 220lbs.  This wasn’t her first time struggling with her weight, but she wanted to be her last.  She knew she needed to change her behavior along with getting in shape and losing weight this time, and she knew she needed help to do it.

” My First day out of quarantine. Last day of the ski season! Sporting my new favorite shirt! Thanks for everything, the program so rocked for me!”


Chantal, Is a Live In Fitness success story! She weighed in at 207 lbs in March of 2020, but her time was cut short due to the Covid-19 closure.  Chantal took what she learned in her short time with us, went home, and lost an additional 42 pounds.  She Then returned to LIF where she lost an additional 15.4 pounds in 4 weeks.  In her time with us she lost 8.41% body fat and increased her lean mass by 3 pounds. With a total fat loss of 18.33 lbs. leaving Live In Fitness weighing 152 lbs.

Chantal has done so much in her weight loss journey. She has mentally become stronger and more confident in herself.  When she started she was having a hard time walking as well as she wanted to, and at the end of her stay with us she was running and jumping to make a catch in football!  She is such an amazing success story because when she went home she did not stop rocking and working on herself.

Now that she is back home in Canada, her life has been super busy as she has started her new business and is enjoying her life on her terms.  Success doesn’t come without hard work, and she is an amazing example of the saying….you get out of it what you put into it!!  We are so proud of you Chantal & can’t wait to get updates on your new life!!

“My life has been crazy busy, but I feel strong…so bring it on.”

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