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Exercise is good therapy at our weight loss retreat we show you the way!

Quincy Martel, MA, Life Coach

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In this day in age there seems to be a pill for every imaginable condition. At our weight loss retreat we see all kinds of people who have tried a multitude of different weight loss and feel good solutions. You name

it, there’s a quick fix out there in every color, shape, size and texture. Purple, pink,

white and yellow …modern medicine and consumers look to these colorful pills to

cure and treat symptoms related to medical and psychological problems. There is

absolutely a time and place for pharmaceutical interventions, however, oftentimes

behavioral changes, including nutritional dietary changes and increased exercise are

overlooked for a small pill colorful pill in the medicine cabinet.

There are natural chemicals located within the human body and brain, which are

stimulated by exercise. The chemicals produced in brain as result of exercise are

similar to synthetic antidepressants and anxiolytics (anti anxiety medications).

Exercise doesn’t come in pill form, but produces a natural happy pill sensation as

result of chemicals stimulated. One of the chemicals stimulated by exercise is called

endorphins. I’d like to coin the term “ENDORFUNS” because the chemicals and

emotions released within the brain are euphoric and pleasant. Fun happens as a

result of exercise. Whether it’s serving up that winning Ace on the tennis court,

hitting the birdie on the golf course, or running a person record at the 5k,

endorphins produce happy. The chemicals stimulate a natural high and positive

outlook and also work as natural analgesics and sedative. It layman’s terms,

exercise helps body relax and sleep.

At our weight loss camp and also seperate Studies have shown that unchecked stress, and anxiety will eventually lead to

depression in most cases. Anxiety and depression go together like peas and carrots.

These conditions may manifest with symptoms anger, panic attacks, weight gain,

weight loss, isolation, substance abuse, insomnia, or sleeping too much, loss of libido

and loss of interest. Anxiety and depression are a viscous cycle resulting in poor

self-image, which may lead to more depression. Depression may lead to high-risk

choices and poor self-care habits. Examples of poor habits and risky behaviors are

eating disorders, sexual promiscuity, and abuse of alcohol and drugs. The

wonderful thing is that bad habits may be unlearned and replaced with new habits

that help facilitate an individual’s positive outlook and build self-esteem. Research

is conclusive in multiple studies that individuals who exercise regularly have a

positive boost of mood, better self -esteem, better sleep cycles and lower rates of

anxiety and depression.

A consistent exercise regime not only has positive psychological results, by

reducing stress, anxiety and depression, but it also has physical health benefits.

Exercise helps facilitate weight loss, and decrease body fat. Exercise helps reduce

blood pressure, and cholesterol. Regular exercise strengthens the heart muscle,

increases muscle and bone strength, and increases energy levels and libido. Who

doesn’t want that? A healthy mind in a healthy body is attainable naturally with

discipline and exercise. There is no time like to now to roll up your sleeves to get


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