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It takes courage and decision, but recognizing and wanting a change is the first and most important step. Loosing weight is clearly everyones’ goal when they join a weight loss camp or a fitness retreat but little they know about the new life they’re about to embark. Mind is where it all happens, transitioning to an adequate mental state takes some emotional stability because that will give green light for the body to properly adapt to it’s new duties which will include intense workout and healthy eating. The photos below are the before and after of the story of Jenny, Melissa and Tom who came to Live In Fitness at a crucial point of their lives.

It’s these moments where things are up-side-down and not in a good color where opportunities come and for them it was the opportunity to change and grow. Three of them lost about and more than 100 pounds and that it’s easy to say but only they can speak about those long nights really considering the idea of giving up, but they didn’t and gladly it worked in their favor because those moments of doubt put in perspective what you own and what you have achieved and should give you strength to ¬†continue.

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