Tips To Staying Healthy This Valentine’s Day!

Staying Healthy Valentine's Day

Staying Healthy This Valentine’s Day!

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If you have Valentine make sure to take it easy on those chocolates, and if you don’t have a Valentine make sure to take it easy on those chocolates ;)

If you you’re lucky enough to have a long weekend this weekend in celebration of Presidents Day or if you have Valentine’s day off, it’s easy to get lazy and want to just lay around on your day off. It’s important to stay active and not fall into the rut and make getting back to routine  that much harder.

Here are 5 tips to staying fit, active, and healthy!

1. Work out a little longer
We typically have to work our exercising between many errands and a full day of work. But if you have the day off you have an extra block of time you can fill. Fill some or all of that time with that extra exercise you typically don’t have time for.

2. Keep the usual sleep schedule
As badly as we may want to sleep in all day we have to fight that urge. Get up early like you always do and get busy. You’ll feel better in the long run having accomplished more with your extra time than just wasting away all weekend.

3. Go outdoors
If you have to mow the lawn, rake leaves, shovel snow, etc..Get to it! If you’re all done with your chores and need some fun head to the park, beach, woods, or where ever your favorite outdoor spot is. Take the dog for a walk or go for a run. Just get up and get out of the house!

4. Stick to your diet
Whether it’s a weekday, weekend day, or holiday we have to stick to our diets. We all break occasionally but what’s important is to remember why you’re doing this and keep up that motivation. Don’t make excuses like “well it’s the weekend”. It’s just another day and another way you could work to become healthier.

5. Plan to weigh yourself on Monday
Weigh yourself on Monday to really keep yourself accountable for what you eat and how much exercise you do. Aim to lose a pound or so over the weekend. You’d be surprised what you can achieve in only a few days.

At our Fit Camp our coaches encourage all of our clients to never take weekends off of fitness. Always work to better yourself no matter what the day or time of year. It’s only through perseverance and hard week can we achieve our fitness goals.

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