“The best investment in myself I’ve ever made!”

Adriane, 50, a psychiatric nurse from Ladysmith, British Columbia, decided to make a lifestyle change by coming to Live in Fitness. Within a month, Adriane learned valuable information that has changed her life exponentially. Information that showed her how to exercise when she gets home, portioning her food correctly on the scale, and achieving a positive, overall mindset, all of which helped her achieve such outstanding results! 

Adriane’s history has been a rocky road. After undergoing four spinal surgeries, along with the loss of her mother, her world was turned upside down. Her fear of the exercise and lack of belief in her capabilities acted as her insecurities. Before making the commitment to join Live in Fitness, Adriane felt entrapped with the lifestyle she had. In a search for a solution, she came about Live in Fitness through an online search, “My greatest struggle when I arrived was feeling trapped by self-limiting beliefs about my capabilities. I knew I had to do something serious to change my mindset, and eating habits, and begin exercising consistently. I was fearful of the word ‘exercise’ to start with, let alone exercising six days a week! In addition to physical concerns, I also felt self-conscious about my body image and ashamed about being out of shape. I was, however, proud of myself for having made the decision to do something about it! Contemplating my options for a change, I searched the internet…and there it was, Live in Fitness.”

Adriane knew she needed a wake-up call to get rid of the bad habits that she’s built up over the years. She knew she had to break that self-consciousness about her body if she wanted to move forward. With the built-up bad habits that were ingrained into her daily life, this is where it all started and weight change began, “I spent the past year navigating my life through fast food restaurants overeating and appeasing feelings of grief. My mom’s sudden passing a year ago was entirely devastating to me. I let go of myself in every way. Fueling my emotions, food became my medication, like an antidepressant. I lived to eat ‘comfort food.’ In the four weeks, Adriane began to see the transition in her body and mind that she thought wasn’t possible,

“I never anticipated that all the activities in the program: boxing, hiking, swimming, spinning, dancing, weight-lifting, and cardio circuit training, could give me a better mindset. I felt so much better after working so hard, sweating, and conquering physical challenges. I am so much closer to reaching my goals! It is evident to me that I’ll be able to be active at home and incorporate the recommended one hour of cardio and weight training per day. I feel so much better mentally and physically after I work out. I can hear Mom saying, ‘I knew you could do it!’”


She shares her ultimate fitness goal and what she plans to do to continue her fitness journey, “I want to be 180 pounds. I want to become established with a membership in my community recreation center to attend regular spin classes, water aerobics, weightlifting, and rugged outdoor hikes. To eventually jog in the park with my dog, Chili.”

Adriane is ready to tackle her life using the tools she learned here, “I now understand the correlation between consistency in healthful eating and efficient calorie expenditure. I see the importance of eating smaller, better portioned meals, frequently, while staying hydrated throughout the day. I get that energized feeling through rewarding, fun activities instead of instant gratification of sugary, high fat fast food! I wasn’t  eating a sufficient level of protein to balance my carbohydrate intake. Through Chef Jason’s lectures on how to shop for and prepare foods and balancing proportions, he was quick to provide tips and tricks to address personal concerns. I feel confident that I now know how to prepare meals myself and choose the best options while out in a restaurant. He was instrumental in my understanding of, and appreciation for, learning how to maximize food potential.”

As president of Live in Fitness, Eric has mentored so many clients throughout his 25 years, and climbing, in business. Adriane explains how the mentorship that she received from Eric has enriched her life, “Eric taught me the fundamentals of nutrition. He taught me concepts on food assimilation, body homeostasis (perfect state of balance within the body), and the maintenance of a healthy, stable, blood sugar level. Eric helped solidify my understanding of how to achieve the healthiest metabolic state for sustained weight loss. The key is consistency! Check any negative thinking at the door. It’s an equation that I can replicate repeatedly. Eric’s program has revolutionized my thinking and approach to food. For me, the perfect word to describe the outcome of his teachings, and his method of coaching, would be transformative. This program has indeed changed my outlook…my life.”

She continues, “Not only did Eric help me, so did the team of trainers. As a collective, the team not only coached me through the various activities, but they also helped facilitate the phenomenal new outlook I have about myself. When I thought I’d reach my limits, they pushed me through helping me to recognize that I could do them safely. I reached new heights. Keeping in my mind my physical history, I was able to modify exercises to keep me safe from further injury. They are all motivational and inspirational, the best cheerleaders!” As a lasting piece of advice to those out there who think they are limited by their capabilities, Adriane sets the record straight,

 “I highly recommend this program to anyone looking to get a grip on their life! Whatever happened in the past doesn’t dictate your future. New insights and big accomplishments are in store for you. Upon completion of your journey, you will have access to Fitclub Tv, the aftercare program, when you return home. It will help keep you integrated into your on-going, easy to follow, meal and exercise regimen in your own community. You will also have opportunities to access trainers for answers to your questions. You even have access to recipes, meal prep videos, exercise programs, daily meditations, and checklists. I’m so excited to continue my journey at home. Obtaining my goals is exciting, no longer daunting. The best investment in myself I’ve ever made!”

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