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Tanner Lost 8.5 Lbs in 1 Week “Any body type, Live In Fitness works!”

Client of the week,
Congratulations Tanner!
Live In Fitness helped Tanner become the best version of himself and lose 8.5 pounds in one week! From a busy athletic and career driven life, to being exhausted and experiencing ultimate burnout, Tanner chose Live In Fitness to get him back on the right path.


What do you do for a living?

“I work with my dad in shopping center development and we own a ranch as wellwhere we put on rodeos twice a year.“

When did you notice a weight pattern or change?

“My entire life I’ve been an athlete. Then about eight months ago I let all of that go and gained 45 pounds in those eight months.”

What made you stop being athletic?

“I was just tired of working so hard. I needed a break from everything including exercise. My drive was gone. So I just worked and kept to myself.”

How did it make you feel and affect your lifestyle?

“I was in a fog. I didn’t know what I really wanted. It was horrible. But coming here it’s like that fog has been lifted.”

What were you biggest struggles before coming here?

“Work getting in the way and lack of organization. Being at Live In Fitness has really restructured my views on my priorities back to where they used to be when life was better.”

Why did you choose LIF?

“My mom stayed at Live In Fitness a few weeks ago and fell in love with the place! When she came home she couldn’t stop raving about it and told me that it was perfect for me too. I came the following week.”

What did you expect when coming to LIF?

“I really didn’t know. I just showed up. But then the program started and it was perfect. I thought I was walking into half of what you offer, but expectations were exceeded by a longshot.”

How do you feel about your progress so far?

“I’m really happy. I’ve always been a person who has a delayed weight loss but the first week here I lost 8.5 pounds. For a guy that was so out of shape before he showed up, it was incredible.”

What has been a highlight of the program?

”The staff! Every time I see the coaches they stop and talk about the workouts, ask how I’m feeling, they’re always checking in. I feel like it’s always about me. It makes it so much easier when the trainers are this personable, that’s why I don’t miss any classes. I enjoy being around all of them!”

What did you enjoy about the program, classes, lectures, staff and clients?

“This is going to sound weird, but the first thing I enjoyed was how sore I was. I missed that feeling. It’s a good sore. I felt like an athlete again. Gaining that feeling back lit a fire in me. Also, all the information I get in the lectures from Eric, the nutritionist, the chef. They explain so much. I was only supposed to be here for one week but I extended my stay so I could soak up even more information. I wanted to double down on the program because it’s great!”

What makes the coaches here different?

“The coaches are amazing. They cater to everybody and deal with some of the fittest people I’ve ever met and some of the most out of shape people. They are able to give individual attention to each person here and push each person. I’ve never worked out this hard in my life and I’ve been an athlete my entire life.”

How has this changed your outlook on life?

“I am so much happier. The brain fog that I was experiencing has lifted. Before I could only see a few feet in front of me and was constantly lying to myself about my health and being overweight. But now I can see a lot clearer. I have ten times as much energy and drive than I did before. I’m my favorite version of myself.”

What advice would you give others contemplating attending the program?

“Just come! I was scared. I thought I was too out of shape to come here. When I got here I realized that I was capable of so much more than I thought and that was because of the trainers. If I was home there is no way I could have done this on my own. It gave me the jumpstart that I needed and the tools to take home to keep it going. If you think you can’t take a week off, or can’t do it, trust me when I say YES YOU CAN! And you’ll thank me for recommending it. I would recommend this place from anyone! Any body type or level of fitness, Live In Fitness works!”


Tanner, congratulations again from all of us at Live In Fitness! You should be so incredibly proud of the world that you put into the program!

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