Chris lost 16 pounds and 10 inches in two weeks.
Chris is the Client of the Week for June 10th, 2017!!

Chris is in the process of preparing himself for life after retirement. He has seen what can happen once you get older and lose mobility and become unhealthy; He wants to get a head start and combat these obstacles head on! Chris wants to guarantee himself that he will be moving well into his retirement.

Chris got exactly was he expected; A room to stay, a controlled diet, and people to workout with.

Enthusiastic! Chris had a goal in mind of 15 lbs which he exceeded within his 2 week stay. He is currently down 16 lbs and 10 inches in 2 weeks!! Chris stated that he would have been happy with losing 13 lbs, but he reached and passed his goal.

Everything combined! The program paired with like minded people helped him strive for success.

“Stick with the winners!” Surround yourself with positive influences; people that lift your spirits and drive you to preform. Chris is shocked with those that skip class or go off program. He sees the value in participating and surrounds himself with like minded people. His advice is to stick with people that work the program.

Our program is unique as it is designed for the person who needs and wants to finally make that change.
We are not a spa! We are here for people who have an unrelenting pursuit of a goal.
We are a lot of work but worth it.

Sincerely, Eric

Every week at L.I.F.E. we honor one of our clients that have really demolished expectations as our Client of the Week. We do this as a way to motivate our current and future clients and show what can be accomplished when you crush it and let your fire blaze!

This week of April 9th, 2017 we’re honoring Ashley Gaslorowski.

Ashley came to us from Apex, NC. Ashley’s passion all of her life has been competitive horseback riding and show. For years Ashley’s weight has been coming in between her and her life’s passions. When Ashley heard about Live in Fitness she knew the time had come to make a real change in her life.

Ashley chose Live in Fitness to buckle down and finally get fit and healthy. Since 1997 we have specialized in helping great clients, just like Ashley, work hard in support of our 2 main goals: lose weight and make a life style change. She signed up for the program and has already lost 93 lbs!! WOW!

Ashley shows the initiative needed to reach her goals. She is always up for a challenge. Not only does she do all the required classes but she does extra running and weight training between classes.  This is key to having the body and life you deserve. Ashley takes this mindset and continues to be a kind, motivating force in the gym. She pushes herself and others to the limit and helps herself and her fellow clients stay positive. She is always helping out and telling other’s “YOU CAN DO IT!”

She has very solid internal and external goals and already has a game plan on how to transition her routing at LIF into her home life! We’re proud to call her part of the Live in Fitness Family!

This week we’re honoring Nikki L!

Nikki came to us from Marietta, GA. Nikki’s passion all of her life has been singing and dancing. For years her weight has been coming in between her and her life’s passions. When a friend told her about Live in Fitness she knew the time had come to make a real change in her life!

Nikki chose Live in Fitness to avoid all the fluff other programs offer and get straight to WORK. Since 1997 we have specialized in helping great clients, just like Nikki, work hard in support of our 2 main goals: lose weight and make a life style change! She signed up for the program for 4 weeks and had already lost 20 lbs in only 3 weeks!! 

Nikki shows the initiative and fire needed to reach her goals. Some clients have trouble doing certain exercises because of their weight, but that has never stopped Nikki! She makes modifications in exercises if she cannot do it, she’s always moving, and realizes this is a lifestyle change and not a diet. These are all key to having the body and life you deserve. Nikki takes this mindset and continues to be a kind, motivating force in the gym. She pushes herself and others to the limit and helps herself and her fellow clients stay positive.

Nikki has been an example for many and has taken to physical and internal training exceptionally. She has very solid internal and external goals and already has a game plan on how to transition her routing at LIF into her home life! We’re proud to call her part of the Live in Fitness Family!
Congratulations from all of the LIF TEAM!


6 Food Tricks That Set Back Your Weight-Loss Goal

Have you ever had that great plan where you commit to eating healthy, to the point of having all your meals prepped…even planning your diet before leaving the house for your favorite restaurant? Then bam! You find, without even being conscious of it, you’ve fallen off the healthy-eating and exercise wagon and had to start all over? This happened to me almost daily, so I had to figure out where and when it happened and take steps to ensure that it wouldn’t happen again.
At Live In Fitness, our nutrition counselors teach that restaurants and grocery stores launch instant purchase and promotional strategies all the time, with the goal of getting you to spend more. They could care less about your health — they care about your pocketbook.
Here are some food tricks that they use to set back your best laid diet plans and how you can take advantage of them in your favor.
First Trick – It’s Free!
How many times do you eat food, sample products or take another helping at the meeting all because it is readily available and FREE? It’s not really free. Studies show that you can pack on almost 600 additional calories a day from wasteful eating. Before you eat anything else because it is there, ask yourself, if I had to pay for this right now would I eat it? Answering a resounding “NO!” will help keep your diet plan and your weight-loss goals on track.
Second Trick – We Want To Be Polite!
Have you been to that dinner party, family gathering where you felt compelled to eat what was offered? Or maybe you received a dish from a neighbor that you “couldn’t refuse,” because it would be impolite? Being polite can mean 400 additional calories, only because you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings.
There’s a solution. Before you attend your next event, let the host know if advance that you watching your calories so there may be a few things that you will skip on the table. If a neighbor or friend gives you something, give it away or throw it away. My grandmother use to always tell me, “It’s better to waste food than to buy medicine.”
Third Trick – Don’t Want To Waste
We have all heard that one of the worst things to do is waste food, because there are so many hungry people in the world, or maybe because it’s a waste of money to waste food. In either case, see Grandma’s advice above. If you don’t heed her advice, you will eat more than 1000 unnecessary calories because you feel guilty about wasting food.
So before you eat your next meal, break it in half and save the rest for another meal. The next time you go out, order smaller portions. If you body is still hungry it will tell you.
Fourth Trick – It’s A Celebration 
Most people, myself included, stumble over this one monthly. Why? Because (especially in America) there is a national holiday (a.k.a. excuse) almost every month! People think that a celebration or holiday is a valid excuse to break the rules. They think that one day won’t matter and don’t realize one piece of bread with butter can pack on about 100 calories.
Before you go out or to an event, plan your meal. Know where you are going to splurge, how much and have a plan to burn it off. Also pick one thing. You don’t need to have the appetizer and the dessert. Remind yourself that you will always have another holiday to indulge again.
Fifth Trick – But It’s a Bargain
I know when I was growing up it was drilled into me to go for the bargain. I don’t care if it was extra toilet tissue or the super-sized fries. Who can resist? But an extra 16 ounces of fries can constitute an extra 250 calories. Also if have more food around you, you’re more likely to nibble longer. Before you are tempted to purchase the larger but cheaper option, keep in mind: “Pay Less and Weigh Less.” Make this your motto. If you pick smaller portions as a pattern, you will get the great cost savings over time.
Sixth Trick – I Deserve It
How many times do we make emotional decisions and completely disregard our goals because “we deserve it”? Unfortunately, a lot. Yes, it’s tempting to allow food to be our comfort, support and reward system, but eating emotionally is sure to not be in line with your plan and goals and will always derail your weight-loss success.
So before you are tempted to gorge your next meal, stop and ask yourself some logical questions: Why do I want it? What need is this fulfilling? Is there a better way to reward myself or feel better that falls in line with my plan and goals? You will find an answer. Here are a few replacement ideas: Spend time with friends, go out on a sexy date, rearrange your house, etc. …I’m sure you can think of a lot more, but first you have to take the emotion out of it and make good choices — the reward will be great!
By: Alenise

woman choosing mediation as a remedy in her weight loss journey to better health at LIF

Sometimes it seems, that at the least opportune time, life has a way of quickly turning sunshine to clouds, dampening the mood of the most optimistic. That sometimes for me is right now, so I figured this would be a good time to share.
It’s 50 days until the end of year and you may be no where near your weight loss goals or any goals being accomplished for that matter. But I have discovered that your attitude determines your altitude, and I refuse to not be an overcomer — you should too.
The focus should be on winning, garnering the willpower to press through. We can’t conform to our circumstance no matter what the scale, doctors report or external force screams to us.
At Live in Fitness, they teach that daily meditation (and don’t go spooky on me) is an essential tool to keeping your life under control and moving forward, even at a snail’s pace. You don’t have to do anything profound, but once you (as my grandmother would say) “think yourself happy,” you’ll be surprised at the incredible benefits you will receive. Don’t believe me?  Try it. Here are a few benefits that I found transpired after I put daily meditation into action.
1. Wake Up Alert – When you meditate you are able to sleep better, and when you sleep better, you wake up more alert and aware. Meditating forces the body and mind to rest so that even if you sleep fewer hours, you are still able to jump up with a more refreshing start to your day.
2. Positive Self Worth – Maybe your priorities, desires and passions are starting to consume you. Meditation helps you define and focus on what you value most. Only you can be happy with you. I always quote to myself “whatever state I’m in, I am content.” Meditation will help stop you from looking for fulfillment from the outside and look within.
3. Develop Patience – Good things come to those who wait. Meditation forces anxiety and worry over health, weight loss goals, image, etc. to give way to the acceptance of the process. There is value in taking things slowly. Nothing fast and easy is permanent.
4. Produce Efficiency – When you are focused, calm and collected, you get more things done in less time. Consistency is key to everything, but you can’t be consistent if you aren’t efficient. When you know your goals, are well rested, have a reasonable plan and process in place to achieve them, it helps you become efficient without tiring out easily.
5. Lower Anxiety – Most times we are anxious because we are scared to take risks and no longer trust ourselves, even to the point of becoming paranoid of what people around us will think. Meditation helps remove these barriers. It gets you in touch with the moment, removing uncertainty. Meditation paces you and filters out all the negative messages that come from your brain, which are often influenced by external forces. It causes you to ignore the dread of failure.
6. Remove Indecisiveness – Another quote I say to myself all the time is “a double-minded man is unstable in all his ways.” Meditation is clarity of thought. When you slow down, then stop completely, and focus on the matter calmly, you can make more reasonable decisions quickly, and not based off your circumstance or situation.
7. Foster Better Choices – When you begin to give yourself space and time to think more, you logically find solutions. Those solutions often lead you to make better choices. You will find yourself giving up excessive drinking, smoking, binge eating, drug use and other habits that might be detrimental to a healthy lifestyle. Also those better choices won’t alienate you from others but draw people closer to you to learn from your strengths.
By practicing meditation, you will not only develop the mind of a winner, but keep on overcoming. To learn this and other healthy lifestyle changes through diet, nutrition, mental health and exercise contact us about coming to our weight loss retreat camp. Live In Fitness is offering amazing deals just in time for the end of the year, starting at $1395 per week. Call 877-602-4863 or visit our enrollment page.
By: A. Lenise
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