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Chris Live In Fitness

Live In Fitness – Chris

Chris lost 16 pounds and 10 inches in two weeks.
Chris is the Client of the Week for June 10th, 2017!!

Chris is in the process of preparing himself for life after retirement. He has seen what can happen once you get older and lose mobility and become unhealthy; He wants to get a head start and combat these obstacles head on! Chris wants to guarantee himself that he will be moving well into his retirement.

Chris got exactly was he expected; A room to stay, a controlled diet, and people to workout with.

Enthusiastic! Chris had a goal in mind of 15 lbs which he exceeded within his 2 week stay. He is currently down 16 lbs and 10 inches in 2 weeks!! Chris stated that he would have been happy with losing 13 lbs, but he reached and passed his goal.

Everything combined! The program paired with like minded people helped him strive for success.

“Stick with the winners!” Surround yourself with positive influences; people that lift your spirits and drive you to preform. Chris is shocked with those that skip class or go off program. He sees the value in participating and surrounds himself with like minded people. His advice is to stick with people that work the program.

Our program is unique as it is designed for the person who needs and wants to finally make that change.
We are not a spa! We are here for people who have an unrelenting pursuit of a goal.
We are a lot of work but worth it.

Sincerely, Eric

Client Of the Week lost 93 lbs-Live in fitness

Live In Fitness – Ashley

Every week at L.I.F.E. we honor one of our clients that have really demolished expectations as our Client of the Week. We do this as a way to motivate our current and future clients and show what can be accomplished when you crush it and let your fire blaze!

This week of April 9th, 2017 we’re honoring Ashley Gaslorowski.


Ashley came to us from Apex, NC. Ashley’s passion all of her life has been competitive horseback riding and show. For years Ashley’s weight has been coming in between her and her life’s passions. When Ashley heard about Live in Fitness she knew the time had come to make a real change in her life.

Ashley chose Live in Fitness to buckle down and finally get fit and healthy. Since 1997 we have specialized in helping great clients, just like Ashley, work hard in support of our 2 main goals: lose weight and make a life style change. She signed up for the program and has already lost 93 lbs!! WOW!

Ashley shows the initiative needed to reach her goals. She is always up for a challenge. Not only does she do all the required classes but she does extra running and weight training between classes.  This is key to having the body and life you deserve. Ashley takes this mindset and continues to be a kind, motivating force in the gym. She pushes herself and others to the limit and helps herself and her fellow clients stay positive. She is always helping out and telling other’s “YOU CAN DO IT!”

She has very solid internal and external goals and already has a game plan on how to transition her routing at LIF into her home life! We’re proud to call her part of the Live in Fitness Family!

Nikki Marietta GA Lots 20 lbs in 3 weeks -Live in fitness

This week we’re honoring Nikki – Live In Fitness.

Nikki came to us from Marietta, GA. Nikki’s passion all of her life has been singing and dancing. For years her weight has been coming in between her and her life’s passions. When a friend told her about Live in Fitness she knew the time had come to make a real change in her life!

Nikki chose Live in Fitness to avoid all the fluff other programs offer and get straight to WORK. Since 1997 we have specialized in helping great clients, just like Nikki, work hard in support of our 2 main goals: lose weight and make a life style change! She signed up for the program for 4 weeks and had already lost 20 lbs in only 3 weeks!! 

Nikki shows the initiative and fire needed to reach her goals. Some clients have trouble doing certain exercises because of their weight, but that has never stopped Nikki! She makes modifications in exercises if she cannot do it, she’s always moving, and realizes this is a lifestyle change and not a diet. These are all key to having the body and life you deserve. Nikki takes this mindset and continues to be a kind, motivating force in the gym. She pushes herself and others to the limit and helps herself and her fellow clients stay positive.

Nikki has been an example for many and has taken to physical and internal training exceptionally. She has very solid internal and external goals and already has a game plan on how to transition her routing at LIF into her home life! We’re proud to call her part of the Live in Fitness Family!
Congratulations from all of the LIF TEAM!

Nikki – Live In Fitness

You Can't Be Yourself Here

Retreat Yourself

Live In Fitness – Retreat Yourself

It’s two o’clock in the morning. You stare into the bottom of an ice cream bucket, or an empty pizza box, and think, “This is ridiculous. I have to stop”? You settle in front of the TV, full of food and remorse, and turn on the TV only to find some ripped guy and a supermodel extolling the thinning powers of their new machine. You think, “Ah, that’s it. I’m going to buy this and my life will change.”

Days later, it shows up. Your conviction to change has waned a bit, but you just spent good money on a promise that you desperately want to believe. You take it out of the box and use it for a couple days…maybe a couple of weeks, and you start to feel a little healthier, a little stronger, and maybe even a little thinner. Then for a reason (or maybe reasons) you probably don’t even know, you order a large pizza with everything on it and eat the whole thing. Your new machine gets thrown in the garage to collect dust with the other machines and fad diet books. The only thing that has changed is that you have wasted money and feel more certain than ever that you can’t change…that this is just who you are.

You’re right on one count⎯that is just who you are…right now. You’re a person who wants to be healthy and happy but can’t seem to get there. But you’re wrong about your ability to change. At our Live in Fitness retreat on Hilton Head Island, we insist that you change. That’s why we won’t let you be who you are. Of course we want you to keep the deep-down ingrained positive traits, but we insist on removing the self-defeating thoughts and behaviors that have kept you from being thin, healthy, and truly happy. Yes, this is another promise, but it’s not empty, and not one you can throw in the garage.

How can we promise this change?

For starters, because we’ve changed the lives of people that believed deep down that they could never be thin, healthy and happy. And we did this by discovering why they failed in the past and changing the way they behaved and thought. Of course fitness and nutrition are integral elements of our program. What and how much you put in your body is important, as is making exercise part of your lifestyle. But if the mind doesn’t change, the body won’t…at least not for very long. Exercise and nutrition are just the icing⎯thoughts and behaviors are the cake.

When Eric Viskovicz, Founder and President of Live in Fitness started his journey to help people change their lives, it was primarily about fitness. Granted, this helped people for the short term, but soon after they left the gym or the beach, the self-destructive thoughts and behaviors reemerged, and they ended up back where they started.

Years ago, while training clients at his fitness retreat, Eric started observing how people responded to weight loss and fitness regimens, and after a while he realized that, by categorizing them into seven different personality profiles, he could more positively affect them and drastically increase the likelihood of their long-term success. These profiles are: Perfectionist, All-or-Nothing, Victim, Searcher, Void, Caretaker, and Athlete.

Perfectionists are responsible, high achievers who may fail over the long term because they can never reach their unrealistic goals. All-Or-Nothings are fun, creative people who are all-in, until they burn out and move onto the next activity or challenge. Like these two, Victims, Searchers, Voids, Caretakers, and Athletes all have positive traits that are countered by inherent flaws. None is worse than the other, and they are not labels that we put on our clients. They merely allow our behaviorists and coaches to maximize strengths and eliminate weaknesses.

As you look at the different personality profiles, you’re probably thinking, “Oh man, I fit into more than one of those for sure.” That’s neither a bad thing, nor is it abnormal. We are all complex people with very individual strengths, weaknesses, problems and needs. That’s exactly why we place so much importance on the behavioral aspect of our program. It enables us to address each client’s needs and goals on a very person-specific level. It’s the reason we’ve been around for twenty years…because we’re not a cookie-cutter weight loss getaway that promises everyone individual success and then delivers a very non-individual program. It’s the main reason that our clients succeed for the long-term. They leave here, not just thinner, happier, and healthier, but they also have the tools to stay that way.

You will have these tools, too, and they will allow you to not be the person you were when you got here. The way you look will change. The way you feel will certainly change. But the most important change you will make is the way you behave. A positive voice will replace the negative one that tells you that you can’t, or that you’re not good enough. You will be able to visualize your goals and make them come to fruition. You will be able to eat pizza, ice cream, or whatever you want responsibly, without devouring everything in front of you. You can be yourself, only now you can be your best self.

Fitness and wellness retreat

The best thing about being an adult is that you can eat whatever you want whenever you want. If you want to order and devour the entire left side of the McDonald’s menu, you can do that. And though people might look at you in a funny or frightened way, nobody will stop you.

When you’re finished, or more specifically, about two hours after you’re finished, you will wish that someone had stopped you. But you’re an adult, right? It’s your job to say when. You make the decisions; that’s the best thing.

The worst thing about being an adult is that you are responsible for the consequences of your decisions. As a kid, you don’t have much choice about what you’re going to eat, when you’re going to eat, or how much you’re going to eat. Your parents buy and prepare the food; they put it on your plate, and tell you to eat every morsel of it because, if you don’t, you’re somehow affecting the lives of children in a far-off, disadvantaged country. You think, “I’m pretty sure kids halfway around the globe aren’t going to want this liver anymore than I do, no matter how hungry they are.” So you sit there, spread the gross food around your plate, feed it to the dog, throw it behind the fridge…anything to get up from the table and go play with your friends.

But you’re not a child⎯you’re an adult, and it’s like Halloween, Christmas, and Grandma’s house all rolled into one. You can have sweets, pastries, pizzas, ice cream, etc. whenever you want them, and depending on your financial situation, the supply is nearly limitless.

You can’t help yourself. You know you shouldn’t eat the way you do, but no one is there to tell you no, except you, and you don’t know how. That’s where Live in Fitness can help.

First things first, so that you don’t stop reading and start eating: When we say you can’t eat what you want, what we mean is, if you want to live a healthy lifestyle, you can’t eat the things you eat now in the quantities that you eat them.

We’re definitely NOT saying that you can’t eat the foods you like. Granted, those foods have caused you a lot of pain over the years, but they have also given you a lot of pleasure. Food is one of the greatest pleasures there is; we have no intention of removing that pleasure and making your life miserable.

On the contrary, we’re going to teach you how to eat in a way that allows you to enjoy food in a responsible, healthy way…with no guilt and no regrets.

When you come to our fitness retreat in Long Beach, California, we are going to ensure that you’ll be experiencing a wonderful weight-loss getaway. We’re also going to teach you how to stay that way. This does not include starving yourself. Thinner is great, but healthier and happier are much better.

That’s why we have a proven program that can make you this way, and it has three primary elements to it: Behavior, Exercise, and Nutrition.

Making behavioral changes is vital, because whatever you’re doing now isn’t working. You’ve probably tried countless fad diets and/or exercise equipment that promises to make you look like the people selling them, and they haven’t worked. That’s because the magic isn’t in whatever they’re selling⎯—it’s inside you.

We help you delve into the underlying issues that have kept you from succeeding in the past. Once they’re discovered, we address them and teach you to deal with them in a healthy way.

Exercise is also vital. It’s no secret that regular exercise reduces your risk for serious diseases. The operative word is regular. When exercise becomes a habit, you not only feel better and have more energy, but you also look better…which in turn makes you feel better and have more energy. It’s like a snowball rolling down a hill, but instead of the ball getting bigger, you’re getting smaller.

Not to mention, you have to eat. And when you eat, you’re taking in calories, a.k.a. fuel. Your body is a machine that needs to burn that fuel. If it isn’t burned, it’s stored.

This can’t be emphasized enough: FOOD IS FUEL. If you want to feel and look your best, exercise and attitude aren’t enough; you need the best fuel. That’s why we have professional chefs and nutritionists on staff. They’re here to create a diet and prepare the food specifically for you.

This doesn’t mean you’re going to be eating tiny tasteless meals; you can still eat the foods you like. Only at our fitness retreat, you will learn how to make healthier versions of them and eat them in smaller, but still satisfying portions.

How we’re going to change your life isn’t rocket science, but it is science: psychology, biology, and physiology. Our program is not only three-pronged, it’s proven to work, and we don’t mean only while you’re here. It’s going to work for the long term.

When you get here, you can’t eat what you want. When you leave, you can, because what you want (especially how much you want) will change for the better. You will change for the better.