Wesley Came to LIF to Save His Life and Lost 80 Lbs!!

Wesley – Fitness Retreat

Wesley played organized football, basketball and baseball in high school. He has always a larger set guy, weighing 220 lbs in college.  He actually used to have gain weight to play football.  During this time he incurred several injuries and ended up having surgery in both shoulders.  He was now less active, but still ate the same.  His career changed to an office position, which lead to lack of activity. He started using food as coping mechanism and started to gain weight, often eating large meals and desserts before retiring to bed.  Over the years Wesley weight reached an all time high of 570+ lbs

Wesley has struggled with weight loss, which has really started to take a toll in the last 3 years with high blood pressure and is currently on 7 forms of prescription medication. Wesley researched and seeked this program, as he knew he had reached a point where he could not do this by himself. His health was deteriorating and decided to call LIF. Wesley is a Director of Operations at a ministry where friends and loved ones help raise the funds for him to save his life.

Wesley Fitness Retreat

Wesley lost an astounding 19 lbs in one week, for a total 80 lbs to date! Nutrition is a key factor and Wesley has been very satisfied with the customization of the meal plan at LIF. He has enjoyed the meals and has never felt hungry.

The workouts have been modified to accommodate his size and limitations.  His favorite machine has been the hand bike and recently he has been challenging himself on the treadmill. He loves the feel, vibe, and layout of the new facility.  The new Cafe is bright and open with an outdoor seating area for dining. Having hands on interaction with the chefs and coaches daily.

His advice to anyone in this situation would be ‘Don’t Wait‘ and don’t be afraid to get the help you need and deserve!

He would recommend the LIF program, stating that you have to make the most of the opportunity by maximizing your time here.

-Live in fitness


Live In Fitness – Ty

Ty has been overweight all of his life and had always struggled a child with his weight. Through high school, even at his weight, he was a 3 sport athlete, playing football, played on the wrestling team and lacrosse. Football and wrestling he did not feel out of place due to his size, as he was not the biggest player, but it always held him back as far the cardio and conditioning. He always managed to drop the weight pre-season for the sport, but really never learned how to keep it off as part of a healthy lifestyle. Now at 22 Ty chose to come to LIF and to learn more about himself and to be taught by a professional team how to make a lifestyle change forever!



He knew coming to LIF he would receive a customized meal plan, several coached hours of training, and be given structure. Having other clients here for the same reasons and goals have kept him motivated and on task. A positive environment where people, staff, and clients are there to motivate, teach, listen, and grow!

In 2 weeks Ty has dropped an astounding 19.4lbs since joining the program and is well on his way to surpassing his original goal of 50lbs.

His favorite sports offered here are water polo and basketball, due to his competitive nature. Trainers have been very supportive and the lectures and have been very knowledgeable.

Advice he would give to others is to “make sure to set personal goals”. His calorie count/goal per day is 5000 calories, which is collected daily to calculate his potential versus actual – A ‘Science’ created by the Eric to monitor and track all aspects of weight loss.

This program has been such an informative and beneficial welcome to Ty, he has given 100% to the program and he said he would absolutely recommend to others!


You only get LIFE…
Congratulations TY!!

-Live in fitness


Client of the Week Shant Lost 7lbs in a week!

After 7 years of hard work and a lot of stress I sold my business only to find my self in the worst shape of my life. I came here to get my mind and body ready for life’s next challenge. I expected a lot of pain and hard work….that’s just what I got.

I am super excited about my progress so far. I lost 7lbs in the first week but more importantly I am more flexible and have more energy than ever before.

Definitely the Meal Plan has worked the best for me . Preparing meals at home was always the biggest challenge. Working out and knowing that that aspect of your plan is worked out takes all the stress away.

There is no magic wand here. You have to put in the work and try and get the most out of every class.

Nobody is gonna do it for you.

This is real hard work.

Rosemary Lost & pounds this Week

Rosemarie Live In Fitness

Live In Fitness – Rosemarie

The last few years Rosemarie lived New York attending boarding school. She lived alone and had a hard time adjusting without her family and the change of culture. Rosemarie started suffering from behavior issues and depression, even started taking medication for it. Rosemarie started gaining weight and her muscle density started to turn into fat due to the side effects of this particular medication. Her mom began to research different weight loss programs to help Rosemarie and found that Live In Fitness would be the best option for her. Before starting the program with Live In Fitness she thought it was going to be more about losing weight and getting skinny. What Rosemarie actually learned is that she doesn’t trust the scale and doesn’t not believe it is a true depiction of health. She also found out that Live In Fitness was more about becoming healthy and finding the right balance in your life rather than just becoming skinny.


Rosemarie loves this program and is a big believer in what the program offers. Rosemarie says she feels great and notices she is getting a lot stronger and also notices she is losing inches rather than just weight. Rosemarie said the first time she met Eric at one of the lectures he told her “I know you are going to do very well in this program”. Those simple words and brief seconds really helped Rosemarie stay motivated and she also didn’t want to let Eric down so that help her stay focused. Rosemarie said the people around her and the results also helps keep her highly motivated. Some advice she shares to help people’s success on this program are “don’t complain, stay positive, change your mindset, simply show up” and her biggest piece of advice is “make sure you get sleep because it’s very important”.


From all the staff here at Live In Fitness, it’s such a pleasure working with you and having you in this program. Your hard work and dedication day in and day out does not go unnoticed. Even on your days when you having knee pains or just not feeling good we see that you continue to push. You show up to every class, meal, and lecture, you are an inspiration to your peers and set a great example through your efforts every day. The staff at Live In want to thank you and we truly love having you in this program.


We also love that Rosemary is focused on the fat, not the scale.

-Live in fitness


Chris Live In Fitness

Live In Fitness – Chris

Chris lost 16 pounds and 10 inches in two weeks.
Chris is the Client of the Week for June 10th, 2017!!

Chris is in the process of preparing himself for life after retirement. He has seen what can happen once you get older and lose mobility and become unhealthy; He wants to get a head start and combat these obstacles head on! Chris wants to guarantee himself that he will be moving well into his retirement.

Chris got exactly was he expected; A room to stay, a controlled diet, and people to workout with.

Enthusiastic! Chris had a goal in mind of 15 lbs which he exceeded within his 2 week stay. He is currently down 16 lbs and 10 inches in 2 weeks!! Chris stated that he would have been happy with losing 13 lbs, but he reached and passed his goal.

Everything combined! The program paired with like minded people helped him strive for success.

“Stick with the winners!” Surround yourself with positive influences; people that lift your spirits and drive you to preform. Chris is shocked with those that skip class or go off program. He sees the value in participating and surrounds himself with like minded people. His advice is to stick with people that work the program.

Our program is unique as it is designed for the person who needs and wants to finally make that change.
We are not a spa! We are here for people who have an unrelenting pursuit of a goal.
We are a lot of work but worth it.

Sincerely, Eric