Our Client of the Week says "Quit slackin’ and make it happen!"

Congratulations on being chosen as LIFE’s “Client of the Week”!
Veronica – Team Miranda – “The Shredders”



Tell us a little about your backstory and what ultimately made you decide to come to Live-in Fitness?
I spent 6 years in University getting my bachelors of science in marine biology. I never took a semester off, including summer and winter semesters. I was focusing and stressing over school so much that I inevitably gained weight. Some neighbors of my parents told my parents about Live In Fitness and they asked if I would be interested in going. I agreed because eating healthy and working out all day while in sunny California sounded like an amazing time.

Where are you from?
North Houston, Texas

What is your career?
I don’t have one right now. I graduated with my BS in December and I will be starting my masters program this July in New Zealand. I will be getting my masters in marine conservation.

When did you notice a weight pattern or change if it applies?
I have always been chubby. My weight was increasing steadily for years. It wasn’t until a year ago that the scale read 200.

How did it make you feel/or affect your lifestyle?
Seeing that number on the scale was mortifying. But it was during one of my most difficult semesters and I couldn’t focus on weight loss like I wanted to.

What were your biggest struggles?
I struggled with eating. I always made time for exercise. My cardio was decent and I loved lifting weights. But I would never eat at the right times or the right amount.

Why did you choose LIFE?
My parents neighbors went to the Hilton Head location and had great results. They recommended it to my parents who then made the arrangements for me to come here.

How do you feel about your progress so far?
My progress has been incredible. I am so much thinner and stronger than when I got here. My mental state is so much better too. It really is all mental.

What so far about the program has worked for you?
Personal training has been my greatest tool. Learning how to run more efficiently has helped in all areas. Diet is definitely the most important part of weight loss and the chefs have insured my meals are perfect so that I can reach my goals.

What did you enjoy about the program? classes? lectures? staff? clients?
The program has achieved the perfect algorithm to help almost anybody lose weight. The classes are fun and allow me to push myself even harder. The lectures equip us with the knowledge to continue to lose weight once we’re at home. The trainers are fantastic and very knowledgeable. The chefs are kind and accommodating. The housekeeping manager, Lorena, is hard working and attentive. I have surrounded myself with only positive friends.

How has this changed your outlook on Life?
I feel confident that I will continues to lose weight and keep it off on my own. I have asked all the questions I could, learned new techniques to keep my workouts working and bust through any plateaus I might hit. I will keep this up for my health because I want to have a long life.

What advice would you give others contemplating attending the program?
You have to be in the right mind frame before coming here. Know that this program will only work if you have an open mind and a drive to do your best. There may be setbacks, but you have to be smart about how you will overcome them. There are people here that want to see you succeed and they will give you a push in the right direction. Trust them. Trust the process. Listen to your body. You will be surprised at what it can do.

What advise would you give to others? Quote? Statement? Motivation
Quit slackin’ and make it happen!



Our 82 Year Old Client Of The Week! - live in fitness


Congratulations to Una! Our ‘LIFE’ Client of the Week


Una is 82 years young from Kansas City and chose to come to Live-in-Fitness for 4 weeks.  She is now retired but worked a full career in medical education. This time around she wanted to utilize her vacation time in a more productive way. To find a health and wellness program where she could work on self improvement, to work on her gait, improve her posture, stability, balance, and mobility. Live-in-Fitness was to be her next destination.


Una noticed a steady weight gain 5 years ago when her husband passed away and her lifestyle became more sedentary, living a less active lifestyle.  She chose Live In Fitness because of the scientific testing, nutrition, training, and physical therapy component.  Although unsure she had made the right decision during the first initial days of the program, she soon found her “groove”.  Part of Eric’s vision when creating his company was to build a Training Team with an extensive and specialized knowledge so he could provide a service for all that wanted to make a healthy lifestyle change. Not being limited by their size, shape, age or other such limitations.  Una found her perfect match in Scott. Scott first joined the LIFE Team in 2013 as one of our Elite Strength & Conditioning Coaches specializing in sports therapy, movement analysis and posture.


Una was amazed and happy at how quickly she had regained her strength and how much her cardiovascular endurance had improved.  Attending the program at Live In Fitness made Una feel hopeful of sustaining her mobility and strength as she continues to live her life to the fullest. To date Una has lost 8 lbs, increased her lean mass and lost over 6 lbs of fat.


When we asked Una what advice would she give others contemplating attending the program?


She replied- JUST DO IT! Be adventurous, do it while you can!


Una you are such a role model of what living life to the fullest really can be.  You came to this program with such determination and a mindset of “Yes I can”.


We are so honored and privileged that you chose Live In Fitness as your next stepping stone.


Congratulations from all of the LIFE Team!

Fitness Retreat

Wesley Came to LIF to Save His Life and Lost 80 Lbs!!

Wesley – Fitness Retreat

Wesley played organized football, basketball and baseball in high school. He has always a larger set guy, weighing 220 lbs in college.  He actually used to have gain weight to play football.  During this time he incurred several injuries and ended up having surgery in both shoulders.  He was now less active, but still ate the same.  His career changed to an office position, which lead to lack of activity. He started using food as coping mechanism and started to gain weight, often eating large meals and desserts before retiring to bed.  Over the years Wesley weight reached an all time high of 570+ lbs

Wesley has struggled with weight loss, which has really started to take a toll in the last 3 years with high blood pressure and is currently on 7 forms of prescription medication. Wesley researched and seeked this program, as he knew he had reached a point where he could not do this by himself. His health was deteriorating and decided to call LIF. Wesley is a Director of Operations at a ministry where friends and loved ones help raise the funds for him to save his life.

Wesley Fitness Retreat

Wesley lost an astounding 19 lbs in one week, for a total 80 lbs to date! Nutrition is a key factor and Wesley has been very satisfied with the customization of the meal plan at LIF. He has enjoyed the meals and has never felt hungry.

The workouts have been modified to accommodate his size and limitations.  His favorite machine has been the hand bike and recently he has been challenging himself on the treadmill. He loves the feel, vibe, and layout of the new facility.  The new Cafe is bright and open with an outdoor seating area for dining. Having hands on interaction with the chefs and coaches daily.

His advice to anyone in this situation would be ‘Don’t Wait‘ and don’t be afraid to get the help you need and deserve!

He would recommend the LIF program, stating that you have to make the most of the opportunity by maximizing your time here.

-Live in fitness


Live In Fitness – Ty

Ty has been overweight all of his life and had always struggled a child with his weight. Through high school, even at his weight, he was a 3 sport athlete, playing football, played on the wrestling team and lacrosse. Football and wrestling he did not feel out of place due to his size, as he was not the biggest player, but it always held him back as far the cardio and conditioning. He always managed to drop the weight pre-season for the sport, but really never learned how to keep it off as part of a healthy lifestyle. Now at 22 Ty chose to come to LIF and to learn more about himself and to be taught by a professional team how to make a lifestyle change forever!



He knew coming to LIF he would receive a customized meal plan, several coached hours of training, and be given structure. Having other clients here for the same reasons and goals have kept him motivated and on task. A positive environment where people, staff, and clients are there to motivate, teach, listen, and grow!

In 2 weeks Ty has dropped an astounding 19.4lbs since joining the program and is well on his way to surpassing his original goal of 50lbs.

His favorite sports offered here are water polo and basketball, due to his competitive nature. Trainers have been very supportive and the lectures and have been very knowledgeable.

Advice he would give to others is to “make sure to set personal goals”. His calorie count/goal per day is 5000 calories, which is collected daily to calculate his potential versus actual – A ‘Science’ created by the Eric to monitor and track all aspects of weight loss.

This program has been such an informative and beneficial welcome to Ty, he has given 100% to the program and he said he would absolutely recommend to others!


You only get LIFE…
Congratulations TY!!

-Live in fitness


Client of the Week Shant Lost 7lbs in a week!

After 7 years of hard work and a lot of stress I sold my business only to find my self in the worst shape of my life. I came here to get my mind and body ready for life’s next challenge. I expected a lot of pain and hard work….that’s just what I got.

I am super excited about my progress so far. I lost 7lbs in the first week but more importantly I am more flexible and have more energy than ever before.

Definitely the Meal Plan has worked the best for me . Preparing meals at home was always the biggest challenge. Working out and knowing that that aspect of your plan is worked out takes all the stress away.

There is no magic wand here. You have to put in the work and try and get the most out of every class.

Nobody is gonna do it for you.

This is real hard work.