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What Sets Us Apart
The difference between us and other weight loss camps is obvious!


  •  22 years of being in business, 22 Years of Tweaking, Changing, Love, Care and Results. We love what we do.
  • What really sets us apart is how scientific our program is. We have had thousand’s of Success Stories.
  • Our live-in weight loss program is a school, an “Academy of Learning” where  you learn the tools  necessary for Nutrition and Behavioral Health and how to keep the weight off forever.
  • Live in Fitness is the biggest, most comprehensive program in the world. We are the only completely customized program.
  • It’s all about you! We use physiological testing to customize your fitness, nutrition, and behavior program. Complete Testing state of the Art Testing and this is how we start the Customization process.
  • Because of our Elite approach with our signature program, Princess’s and Princes of Countries seek us out, along with celebrities, sports teams, and other high profile individuals. Sport Teams and More.
  • Eric Viskovicz, the guru behind this weight loss camp, has been cited as the go-to expert on over 50 television shows such as The Doctors, Dr.Phil, Rachael Ray, and numerous magazines articles. He has worked with some of the most Elite Athlete’s  and A-list actors in the world.
  • If you’re serious about achieving your dreams, you must have an unrelenting pursuit of your goals. We are a serious Program, a true alternative to a Spa.
  • Live In Fitness is the catalyst that launches you forward, giving you the tools to keep on moving forward, so that you never gain this weight again. We are not a weight loss spa. We are a structured, results-driven program!
  • Chef Prepared Engineered Meal Plan all Customized to each individual client. All food weighed out to the exact gram of Macros from our Superfoods plan.
  • Nutrition Grocery Store Tours and Eating Out Experiences lead by the nutritionist.
  • Complete Behavior Program-Designed over the last 22 Years to help clients successfully re-boot their mind.
  • Power Of 4 Work Book and Work Shops (Preparing for Home lectures and  workshops)
  • Life Coaching & Preparing for Home lectures and work shops
  • Southern California Location , Our Amazing weather, Our location is the Most amazing destination right off the Ocean and Harbor. Our Location we train in our Legendary.
  • Signature Patent Pending Complete Aftercare Program, ( 11 years, The Most comprehensive Aftercare system that could be created to ensure you stay on track)
  • It takes years to get the Program correct,the right Management, and team to ensure results. We have seen so many places go under, or Programs that are spa like and not goal oriented programs. There are reasons why people come from across the world to our Program. Not ever place is the same.

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