New Year’s Fitness Resolutions!


Happy New Year!! Its that time again. New year. new you! It’s time to make our resolutions to being happier, healthier, and more disciplined. We’re here to help and have 5 great tips to help you reach your New Year Goals.

1. Be ready!
Make sure your mind and body are ready for whatever fitness goals you have set for them. Check with your doctor and make sure your body can take what you have in store for it. It’s very easy to over work your body and cause injury before you know it.

2. Plan!
Any goal you have is made easier to achieve if you have a plan. Writing down what we want to do grounds our goals into reality. First, decide what days you want to work out. Determining this is based on your schedule and what parts of your body you’re working out. Second, figure what types of work outs you’ll be doing for those days. And lastly, decide how long you’re going to work out on those days.

3. Start slow
You may see people working out much more intensely than you are but don’t let that get you down. Start slowly. It takes time to work yourself up to the level that they may be at. You don’t want to injure yourself or burn out causing you to lose your motivation.

4. Enlist friends
Working out is much easier and more enjoyable when you bring a friend along. It also makes sticking to routine and your goals easier when you have someone to help motivate you and keep you on task. Ask a friend, family member, or spouse if they are interested in also setting fitness goals for the new year.

5. Keep it real
We did to set extremely high goals for ourselves thinking we need to make the biggest change possible. This is counter productive. Real change happens little bits at a time. Set a goal for yourself that is realistic and not next to impossible to achieve. Then gradually increase your work load until you’ve reached the place you want to be.

New Years is a great time to evaluate what we did right and wrong during the previous year. Take this time to figure out your fitness goals, make a plan, and get to it. Determination, patience, and realistic goals can take you a long way. Before you know it you’ll be making 2018 resolutions to go even further!

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