Eric Viskovicz

President of Fitness Retreat LA


“When I wake up in the morning I feel blessed that I get to with with all of these different type of clients and get to watch the pounds fall off of them while working  for a company that is so dedicated to each and every client’s Success.”

Marco Roman

Master Trainer Fitness Retreat LA

Nicola has her own L.I.F.E. success story to tell. She became extremely overweight back in 1999. An athlete growing up, but as her profession changed, so did her level of activity. She had gained 70 lbs. and was very uncomfortable in her skin.

At this Point she came to Eric Viskovicz and his weight loss retreats camp, and found it to be Life changing experience to say the least. She had lost 70 pounds and found a new passion and at that point made it her life’s mission to help people. She went from size 18 to size 6, and has kept the weight off for 18 years. From being overweight herself, she understands the issues from both sides of the fence – the struggles, frustrations, plateaus, and results, and most importantly, the maintenance. She believes in the Program and especially the mental side of it and how important it is.


She has learned a lot about the philosophy and vision of the company by working closely with the president, Eric Viskovicz. Over the years she has literally helped thousands of people lose hundreds of thousands of Pounds. After taking a corporate executive position with a big company is back to pursue her one true love…helping people. After losing the weight, her newly found confidence led her to become a certified trainer, weight loss retreats specialist, massage therapist,  and in turn she has been able to help others as she has been helped. She started with L.I.F.E. as a boot camp instructor 17 Years ago, and now holds the position of Managing Director overseeing the Marina Del Rey facility. She looks forward to being a part of the continued growth of the company – each year helping more people change their lives.


Nicola holds an Degree in business and finance and an Associate Degree in interior design. She also holds the following certifications: massage therapy, NCCPT, ISSA, L.I.F.E. instructor, CPR, and AED.


“I have had the privilege to work with many coaches and trainers around the world . Nicola is truly the best in the business and I am glad she allowed me to lure her away from her job and back to where she belongs. She is one of the best trainers in the world.”


Eric Viskovicz

Owner Fitness Retreat LA


“When Eric Called me to come back I felt like there is no other place I should be and helping our clients and watching them change their lives is what I do. I am so pleased to be back with Eric, Fitness Retreat and Especially the clients.”