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A Powerful Voice Mental Weight Loss The Perfectionist An Article by: Quincy Martel, MA, Life Coach   Experience Mental Weight Loss. Are you a perfectionist? Do you feel compelled to excel beyond the standard limits? Do you have a strict conscience and are more concerned about right and wrong and morality than most people?  Do you express and pride yourself of being left brained, rational and methodical? Do you have a very strict routine, and rarely stray from it. Do you worry often about what could go wrong? Do you have problems delegating tasks to other people?  Do you tend to obsess and double check things to make sure they are correct? Are you extra hard on yourself or you find you are never meeting you high expectations? If you answered yes to any of these questions, chances are that you are a perfectionist personality type.   Perfectionists are responsible people who strive to live a good and honest life.  The perfectionist prides themselves on being rational and having high principles, and strict morality.  Perfectionists have a strong sense of purpose and lofty ideals. These people like to excel and be the best at whatever they do.  They are oftentimes excellent managers, leader, athletes and entrepreneurs. Others often view them as responsible, reliable, disciplined and dependable.  Perfectionists make awesome hardworking employees, because they are responsible, hard working, conscientious and dependable. Who doesn’t want to have a dependable, routine oriented, hardworking, goal-oriented employee working for them? These are all positive qualities of the perfectionist.  However, some challenges that perfectionists face are rigidity, and over focus on routine. Relationships for perfectionists are affected because they are controlling and uptight. Perfectionists often have a high level of anxiety because they have a harsh inner critic that may spill over into their other relationships.  They may come across to others as critical or judgmental as a result. They may become frustratrated when working with others in groups. People who have this type of personality may have self-esteem issues. This is because perfectionists are very self-critical and they need positive feedback from others to bolster their self-esteem and self worth.  Oftentimes, perfectionists have problems letting go and delegating control. High performance standards and striving for flawlessness also lead to anxiety in perfectionists.  In moderate cases this can be positive and the individual can achieve great accomplishments. When the perfectionist personality becomes maladaptive and exaggerated, it becomes destructive leading the individual to strive for unattainable unrealistic goals.  When unrealistic goals are not met it leads to reduced self-esteem, anxiety and depression in the perfectionist.   Perfectionists would benefit for learning to accept and live with setbacks. Perfectionists need to accept and learn how to set more realistic goals. Including anxiety reducing techniques such as regular diet, exercise, breathing exercises, meditation, yoga, affirmations, life coach/counseling, and journaling are also beneficial to the perfectionist.   Some affirmations for Perfectionists It’s ok to let go. Mental Weight Loss is the new way to get fit forever. I value life in all its perfections and imperfections I don’t have to fix everything I can sit back and enjoy things as they are.  

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