Men Get Their Sexy Back With Fitness

To live a healthy life, men have specific needs. Nutrition and fitness play a huge role in long, energetic lives, including sex lives. Live in Fitness wants to assist you in minimizing your health risks and maximizing your fun by giving you some pointers about what you can do to improve your health.

Some health statistics from the United States Centers of Disease Control (CDC):
12.1% of men are in fair or poor health
34.6% of men are obese
31.6% of men have hypertension (high blood pressure)
23% of men exercise regularly

These statistics show us pretty unhappy men. Are you one of them? If you are, you need to make some changes. You’ll be happy you did.

How to Fix Your Statistics

Are you facing high blood pressure? Depression? Tight clothing? A lack of sexual desire? A lack of interest from potential sexual partners? Obesity is the likely cause of all of these.

Basics of Obesity

Live in Fitness has nutrition plans and exercise programs to help you optimize your weight loss, which will improve your life.

Regular physical activity is the first step. You need to get moving. This will be your first step in decreasing the risk of heart attack, diabetes, stroke, as well as many forms of cancer. Risks for osteoporosis, depression and/or anxiety can also be reduced. As for your sex life, expect improvement.
As you start moving, you need a nutritious diet that decreases the risks of heart disease, improves the strength of teeth and bones, improves energy and increases blood flow to the brain, which can prevent Alzheimer’s disease. Weight control is an obvious benefit of a proper, nutritionally balanced diet.
Improve your health, improve your life

If you have any health conditions, see your doctor before starting any exercise plan. I’m sure you’ve heard that warning before, and maybe even ignored it, but trust us. You need to make sure your doctor is on board and agrees that you are on a program that works with whatever diagnoses you’ve been given. Hopefully, you can get exercising and ditch those diagnoses!

Exercise is the most important part of any weight loss plan. Cardio and weight training are both critical to your crusade to defeat fat. You have to move to burn calories and build muscle. Let’s translate that: Burn calories means get rid of excess fat and building muscle will make you look and feel amazing. It will not go unnoticed. You, your friends, your family, potential romantic partners… You’ll definitely look better and have more confidence. Confidence is sexy. Very sexy.

You will notice, as you begin to see results, that your life will change. You’ll have more energy. Your clothes won’t be tight… in fact, you may need to shop for new ones in smaller sizes. Everybody knows that plus or “big and tall” sized clothes are never as fashionable. You’ll be in designer duds in no time.
The best benefit will be your improved health. Better health equals an overall better life and lifestyle. Reap the rewards. You deserve them.

Once you have begun improving your diet, exercise and health habits, congratulate yourself. You are on the road to living a longer, healthier, happier, sexier life. Well done!

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