Meet October Employee of the Month, Head Coach Sarah!

Employee of the Month,
Head Coach Sarah!

Today we’re celebrating all of Sarah’s dedication and hard work at Live In Fitness by awarding her Employee of the Month for October! She has truly gone above and beyond, helping guests and fellow employees alike. Her dedication to constant improvement is something to admire. With that focus and her supportive attitude, we are all pushed to be the best we can be!



What is your personal history with fitness?

“Well, I was an overweight high-school teacher. My original goal was to fit into “regular” sizes. I did way more cardio than needed, then didn’t eat enough, crash dieted. This made me lose weight, but I didn’t like how I looked. That’s when I hired a trainer, telling them I wanted muscles. Worked with them for a year, then they sort of took me on as a trainer partner. They encouraged me to take training certification. That’s why I totally understand everything clients are going through, because I’ve been through it myself, but it’s also why I don’t buy their excuses.It makes working here so special, since I understand how hard it is. Especially that initial step of coming here, knowing something needs to be changed. So, I’m happy to do anything we can to help.”


What you do at Live In Fitness?

“I teach classes, train clients. I’m the head coach, the team leader, so the other coaches come to me for advice and to handle anything that might come up.” Sarah is also one of the coaches you can be on a team with during your stay at Live In Fitness. You’re able to come to her for advice and she will always do her best to assist you!

Favorite quotes or inspiration saying?

“Strive for progress, not perfection.” We all get in our own minds, then give up if we aren’t perfect.
“Stress and adversary creates change. And without change, there can be no growth.”



Sarah puts so much care into her work here at Live In Fitness, and we are all better for it.Thank you, and congratulations again on being October Employee of the Month!!

Follow us on FacebookInstagram, and Twitter to learn more about Head Coach Sarah. You will be able to follow her day here at Live In Fitness over this month, with special videos, personal guides, and fun!

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