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“How do I stop binge/comfort eating?”

Internal Dialogue

Ask Eric: A common question I get is, “Eric, how do I prevent myself from binge or comfort eating?”

My answer is just two words:

Internal Dialogue

The Core of Our Approach

At our Fitness Retreat, we emphasize the significance of Internal Dialogue in achieving success. Unlike Visualization, which leverages our visual imagination, Internal Dialogue involves taking control of our self-talk—the conversations we have with ourselves. It’s a technique that, when practiced regularly, can lead to so many positive outcomes.

Crafting Your Dialogue

I encourage you to write a comprehensive story of your self-dialogue. This exercise is designed to pump you up by reflecting on your past behaviors and envisioning future possibilities. It’s about reaffirming your purpose, breaking down barriers, and steadfastly pursuing your goals.

Understanding Dialogue’s Power

Dialogue isn’t just for screenplays or novels. It’s a potent tool for shaping narratives—both in stories and in our lives. By mastering our internal dialogue, we arm ourselves against the challenges that hinder our progress, guiding our story in the direction we aspire to.

Becoming Mindful of Self-Talk

The first step is awareness. Pay attention to the words that flow through your mind, both positive and negative. Recognize how they influence your feelings and behaviors. The goal is to transform this dialogue into one that supports your weight loss and fitness aspirations.

Facing Temptation

Imagine walking out of a store, feeling great, and suddenly, you’re hit with the aroma of freshly baked cinnamon rolls. This moment is a test of your internal dialogue. What will you tell yourself? Will you indulge, resist, or find a middle ground? These scenarios are not just exercises in imagination but practical tools to steer your actions in real life.

Practice Makes Perfect

Visualization and internal dialogue exercises aren’t limited to hypothetical situations. Apply them to daily life, preparing yourself for real challenges. The more you practice, the better equipped you’ll be to make decisions that align with your health and fitness goals.

For more information, check out Eric’s discussion of Internal Dialogue here

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