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“It is truly a game-changer!”


Mary, a 61-year-old woman, from Toronto, Canada, wanted to change her life. From her eating habits to her lifestyle, she wanted it all. In hopes of finding a fitness retreat that would elevate her to the next level, she found Live in Fitness from YouTube. Her selling point for her was, “I did not want a spa.” 


Mary wanted to improve her overall health, at her own pace. With the accommodations Live in Fitness (LIF) gives to every person of every age, by customizing every person’s journey to the minute detail Eric, the president of LIF, provides, Mary was successful. Before she visited us, Mary shared a vulnerable struggle she’s had her entire life. A story that could make anyone falter, but with the progress she made and decides to continue to make, she will soon get to her goals.

Mary struggled with weight her entire life, “Most of my life, I’ve been fighting. When I look back when I was younger, it wasn’t so bad. It was more in my mind. When I turned 10 years old, my weight started to creep up. When COVID happened, the gyms closed, and it backfired on my journey. I would go for walks, but it wasn’t the best thing for me. I didn’t have the tools I needed such as weights.” 


She continued, “Aside from trying to get into the groove of using the weights and learning how to do it properly, I was bouncing from different food programs such as keto and Weight Watchers, the whole nine yards. Did I lose weight? Definitely. Did it come back? Of course, it did. My parents had food issues and I felt it just trickled down to me. The self-internal negative dialogue, going in circles in my mind, and hearing it from my relatives affected me. I’ve always put others first, so when I found this program, I told myself, I’m going to put myself first and do what I need to do.


“With Live in Fitness, I learned how to pace and how my body needs to slowly work up to the exercises. I learned how to love myself again and be patient with the process. I know that this was the kickstart I needed to start living a better, healthier lifestyle.”

Mary took her life into her own hands. Finally agreeing to herself that her goals matter the most. While Mary was here, she gained a lot of knowledge from Eric’s nutrition lecture, our behavioral foundation workbook called The Blueprint Method, and utilizing The Athlete’s Muscle Building Program to increase lean muscle mass. While she was in the Athlete’s Program she saw huge progress toward increasing strength, “I feel stronger. I’m not afraid to go into a gym or to use the weights. I increased my knowledge. I can see my issues of mobility of my knees and hips getting better. I’ve had some progression. I know a lot of these things aren’t going to happen overnight. I’ve even seen a huge contrast in how I can perform push-ups. It’s amazing!” 


She continues to express how this program has worked for her, “it’s the full thing. I’m not going to say it’s one thing. Yes, learning fitness is the highlight. But for my ultimate success, it’s the whole program and the support from others.” 


As Mary was here for two weeks, she shared what she enjoyed most about the program, “I enjoyed the staff. They were very motivating and encouraging. The group that was working out beside me was supportive. There was no negativity in the hangar. My favorite food that the chef prepared was Taco Tuesdays and the snacks after dinner. And from being afraid about the process, I am very sad to go. I’m going to miss all the people around. This was probably the best thing I could have ever done for myself and my husband.” 


As a lasting piece of advice from Mary, coming in timid to being a rockstar, this is her wisdom, “Don’t hesitate to attend. The fear of starting might hold you back but don’t let it. It is truly a game-changer. You’ll feel incredible and you’ll have a new sense of energy and confidence in yourself.” 

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