lucas hockey

Playing Hockey has been the great privilege of my life. I have spent most of my life gladly training for the chance to play hockey at the elite level for as long as possible. I have come to love the sweat that has come with 10-12  hours of ice per week. The double 30-40 minutes weight session, sports-specific training, stretch training, and mobility training. Let’s not forget my dad’s lunge for power training 2-3 times a week, In addition to shooting and stick handling per day. I test my lean mass in a hydrostatic testing unit every other week and eat 6 meals and multiple shakes each day and have learned to love the preparation necessary for just a chance at my ultimate dream. Bring it on pain!

Luck=When Preparation meets Opportunity

Please wish me luck!

Please feel free to play my highlight reel Below

Through My Dad’s company, I had the privilege to train alongside many pro-athletes. This is a picture of me alongside Blake Griffin of the Clippers.

Current Training per Day

2 hours on ice a day

2 separate 25 minutes weight sessions ( separate body parts)

One sports-specific session(basketball, lunges, lateral training, football, sprints, etc.)

20-minute stickhandling

20-minute shooting

Shoot Out Game winner

How Important are Special Teams

philosophy: play aggressively.

Doing so will maximize a team’s hockey skills, says Curt Giles, a longtime NHL defenseman (1979-93) who is the head coach at Edina (Minn.) High School. His program finished No. 1 in the 2009 national rankings.

“You want to put the kids in position where they have an opportunity to be successful,” says Giles, who played for the Minnesota North Stars, New York Rangers and St. Louis Blues. “On the youth level, what I would do on penalty killing is put a lot of pressure on the puck. At that level, most kids aren’t going to be able to handle the puck and move the puck quickly and cleanly.”

Lucas as a player has always prided himself on being a special teams guy. Special teams are where the game is won. The picture on the right is a snapshot of stats showing just a 12 game snapshot where Lucas had 4 PPG and 3 SHG.

I want to be able to help my team on special teams.

“In Tryouts I feel like I need to be playing to be on the first line power play. No matter how much work needs to be put in to achieve this goal, I will. I love the pain of training for my goal.”

                                                                                     Lucas Viskovicz Hockey Player

Lucas as a player at an early age may not have been the best player but was always on the first-line power play and always first picked for the shootout.

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