lose 10lbs in one week

Carrie Lost 10.4 Pounds of fat In 1 Week

Carrie is a 52 year old from Austin,Texas. During the cruel peak period of the pandemic of COVID, she found herself packing on weight and struggled with self confidence along with motivation. 


Us “What were your biggest struggles?”


Her: “Self confidence and motivation were big factors. It was a vicious cycle and made me very tired.”


At one point, Carrie wanted to change her lifestyle and researched many different fitness bootcamps in the

What stood out to her was that Live In Fitness had all of the criteria she was looking for such as the exercise testing, staff, and bootcamp style.

“I wasn’t looking for fluff or a spa-like fitness retreat. I was looking for something to help me get back on track to a healthier lifestyle.” said Carrie.


Us “What were you expecting when coming to LIFE then and now?”

Her: “Before I came I expected it to be a bootcamp and rough. Now I have a higher expectation of my stamina, what I want to accomplish, eat, and live! This program has given me a new vision of life.”


Live In Fitness is known for Eric Viskovicz’s philosophies on nutrition, power of 4, exercise testing, and much more! 


Us: “How has having Eric as a mentor enriched your life? -strengths and weaknesses, likes and dislikes?


Her: “I love ending the days with the lectures which he calls it: “food for thought”. The homework he sets for us helped me alot and also the support from the other clients there with me!”


Us: “What advice would you give to others contemplating attending the program?”


Her: “Don’t overthink it and go with your gut. You guys bubbled to the top for me. Especially for the support and professional testing”


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