Los Angeles Location

Located in beautiful Los Angeles, California, this location features highly professional mind, body, and spirit training. In addition to its state of the art training facility, it also boasts incredible views. With beach-front amenities, you’ll be kept you busy and on track with your routine. Through the years we have been the Premier Fitness Retreat that takes care of our clients, customizing our program for each and every person’s body and spirit training.  Take a moment to clear your head with group yoga, stroll on the beach, or go bike riding. There are new camps popping up every day, so be careful choosing the wrong one. You won’t regret taking a visit to Southern California’s top fitness camp, Live In Fitness! 

Through these 20 Years we have had the pleasure of training thousands of people lose hundreds of thousands of pounds.

We remain the bar to compare to, as we go above and beyond that call each and everyday. We are not a Spa!

We are serious about weight loss and making a lifestyle change to call us a Spa. Our success speaks for itself!

Through these 20 Years we have had the pleasure of training thousands of people

Over the past twenty years we have had the honor to be on shows like Dr Phil, The Doctors, Rachael Rae, Fox Sports, America’s Next Top Model, and many more.

We have had the privilege of having some of the biggest names in sports and entertainment trust us with their Success! Names including  Jessica Biel, Blake Griffin, Angela Basset, Elizabeth Rohm, Cedrick The Entertainer, Chris Paul, Faye Dunaway, Bette Midler, Eddie Izzard, Hugh Dillion, Sports Teams, Prince and Princess’s  of Saudi Arabia, Princess of Jordan and many others.

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