Designed to maximize fat loss, lean muscle retention &  increase your metabolic rate.

A structured fitness & nutritional program designed for the everyday business professional, stay at home parents, students and more……

How this program works- by offering a selection of indoor & outdoor group activities, not only will it satisfy your thirst for adventure, it is designed to shock the body maximizing fat loss and stabilization of lean mass.  With increased lean mass your body burns calories more effectively, optimizing your workouts so you don’t have to spend wasted time at the gym. Log your meals, workouts, hydration intake etc in a weekly tracker that will be reviewed by our team of professionals.

Our Local Program

Designed For Maximum Fat Loss and Lean Muscle Retention

A Structured Program Designed for the Business Person to lose excess Weight without having to go away for it.

  • Spinning

  • Boxing

  • Circuit Training

  • Boot Camp

  • Yoga

  • Sports

  • Light House  Training

Local Program Schedule

6:00 am – 7:00 am Beach Bootcamp (M, W, F)

Initial Scan- 2 times offered (Sunday) before 10-12 or (Monday) am after Bootcamp 7:30-9:00

9:30 – 10:30 am – 2 mile Lighthouse Run (M)

6:30 – 7:30 pm – Boxing (T, TH)

7;00- 8:00 pm – Circuit Training (M, W)

1:00 – 2:00 pm – Sports & Agility (TH, SAT)

6:00 pm – 7:00pm – Zumba

9:30 am – 11 am  Beach Bootcamp (SAT)

Our Program health and fitness retreats

Over the past 19 years of Live in Fitness has evolved from a simple boot camp into a health and Fitness Retreats. Founder Eric Viskovicz dream realized was a destination retreat where all aspects of training was handled. He has put together an incredibly successful Weight loss and Athlete’s camp. Our Fitness Camp has been rated the number one fitness retreat in the world. We have combined a variety of fitness with chef prepared meals that are weighed out to the exact gram of macronutrients based on each person’s customized prescription. State of the art testing that helps us understand exactly how each person’s body works and how to maximize results through monitoring results. Our scientifically integrated system has been used by professional teams like the Clippers, Pro Athletes and Famous Actors. We have been featured in many magazines and 60 different tv shows. including The Doctors, Dr Phil and Rachel Rae, and many more.

Health and Fitness Retreats New Local Program

We Now have a local Program designed for the person who wants to be super fit or lose a lot of weight in a short time.There are  numerous amount of classes with variety so that the client can shock the body and maximize fat loss and lean mass stabilization or increase.

How it works –  Add a meal plan or testing package to ensure that you are achieving Maximum success. Add personal training to help maximize strength and lean mass. 1/2 day packages and full time – live out packages available. You can train one time or as many as 15 times a week.

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Add the Most Complete Testing Package to Your Program

  • RMR
  • VO2 Max
  • Hydrostatic Body-Fat and Lean MassTesting
  • Scanner and Percentile Body Index
  • Posture Analysis Scan
  • Performance Testing

health and fitness retreats

health and fitness retreats

Hydrostatic Testing

Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing is the most accurate and technologically advanced method available to determine your body fat percentage.

We need to make sure that the weight that you are losing is pure fat, not the lean mass that you lose on most diet programs. By knowing what kind of weight you are losing, we are ensuring that we speed up your metabolism for the long term. That way the inches are dropping off you more rapidly. The tests may be run periodically during your stay, based on your coach’s recommendation, in addition to the start of your program and at the end of your program.

Vo2 Max Testing

Knowing how much oxygen your body can transport and utilize when you exercise is an excellent measurement of your physical fitness, and that’s exactly what the VO2 Max testing system will tell us. This is important because knowing how well you are utilizing oxygen lets us know how strenuously you can exercise and still be safe. The more efficiently your body uses oxygen, the harder you can work out. Because carbs are a fuel source that must be replenished, burning them often drives you to eat more, undermining your attempt to lose weight. Keeping you in a range that is burning the most fat possible will bring a return on your exercise investment, dislodging even the most stubborn fat cells.

Zone training allows us to be specific to the goals of the individual. Heart rate zone training establishes optimal exercise intensities based on your unique metabolism, heart rate, the current level of fitness, and health or fitness goals.

Body Scanner see Your Fat and Get a Posture Analysis

Fit3D also tracks posture & balance – great for aesthetics, physical therapy, & clubs training athletes for injury prevention. 

Comparison Overlay feature shows how you compare to yourself!

Showing members HOW their bodies are changing keeps them more engaged & helps prove your program. Each of these reports turns into a case study for your brand.

Resting Metabolic Rate Test

Metabolic rate is a measure of how much food, or fat, is converted to energy in a day. Resting metabolic rate (RMR) is the measurement of how much food, or energy, is required to maintain basic body functions such as heartbeat, breathing, and maintenance of body heat while you are in a state of rest. That energy is expressed in calories per day. So our RMR test shows how many calories you burn at rest, doing nothing more than sitting in a chair.

The Best Health and Fitness Results Money Can Buy

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