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Two separate Structured Program Designed to Max Fat loss

Part Time Program

  • Spinning

  • Boxing

  • Circuit Training

  • Boot Camp

  • Yoga

  • Sports

  • Light House  Training

  • Complete Testing Package

 Live Out Program

  • 5 -7 hours of Training Per day (Sunday Off)     

  • Complete Testing Package       

  • Chef Prepared Meals Each day  

  • Progress Report and Coach’s Plan  

  • Complete After Care Program                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                

Our Program health and fitness retreats

Over the past 22 years of Live in Fitness has evolved from a simple boot camp into a health and Fitness Retreats. Founder Eric Viskovicz dream realized was a destination retreat where all aspects of training was handled. He has put together an incredibly successful Weight loss and Athlete’s camp. Our Fitness Camp has been rated the number one fitness retreat in the world. We have combined a variety of fitness with chef prepared meals that are weighed out to the exact gram of macronutrients based on each person’s customized prescription. State of the art testing that helps us understand exactly how each person’s body works and how to maximize results through monitoring results. Our scientifically integrated system has been used by professional teams like the Clippers, Pro Athletes and Famous Actors. We have been featured in many magazines and 60 different tv shows. including The Doctors, Dr Phil and Rachel Rae, and many more. Princess Of Countries, Top Actors and Celebrities. This Elite program now available for the local environment.

Health and Fitness Retreats New Local Program

We Now have a local Program designed for the person who wants to be super fit or lose a lot of weight in a short time.There are  numerous amount of classes with variety so that the client can shock the body and maximize fat loss and lean mass stabilization or increase. Testing to ensure we are losing pure fat and maximizing lean mass. No Program in the world like ours.

How it works – $800 a week or $1350 00 a week for the full Live Out Program.  Meal plan or testing package  ensure that you are achieving Maximum success. Add personal training to help maximize strength and lean mass. – live out packages available. Two Elite Programs for People who are serious about losing fat and optimizing Lean mass. Add 20 Years on your life or look great in a bathing suit. On the Live Out Program different levels for different level of people.

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