• Sunset Run/Walks

    Beach Workouts designed to Burn Calories

  • All Coached Exercise

    Every Program Customized to the Goal and Ability of each Person.

  • Coached Sculpting and Cardio Classes

    On The Beautiful Harbor

  • Complete Testing Package

    Our Scientific Approach is second to none. We Test, Analyze the Data and Optimize Body Fat Loss while Maintaining lean mass.

  • Elizabeth Rohm Level 3 Elite training

    Elizabeth Working Super Hard with Eric getting ready for a new Movie.

  • Cardio Boxing

    We will Maximize Calories Burned at your Pace.

Different Programs for Different Levels, Abilities and Goals…We Customize the Program to your Individual Level

Elements of the Program make up the 20 Years of Success we have Endured.


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Our trainers, coaches, nutritionists, spa therapists, and entire staff will map out a well crafted exercise program with you to ensure optimal results*. You will receive a structured daily schedule that includes 5 to 7 hours of various coached training workouts. Be ready to be treated like a professional athlete or celebrity! Although we motivate you at your pace, we will push you to new heights, guaranteeing that you reach your true potential*. We will do everything from spinning, hiking, biking, outdoor walking, sports, circuit trainings, yoga, core, zumba, and much more!


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We provide full-range, state-of-the-art physiological testing to determine where you are physically when start your program. We then take the results and implement a nutrition and workout program tailored to scientifically ensure your success*. Some of the (painless) testing you’ll undergo includes:

  • RMR testing
  • Vo2 max
  • Hydrostatic Body Fat Testing


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No cookie-cutter program or promoting the latest fad diet here! Instead, we ensure that you reach your goals by customizing your meal plan based on your test results. First, we determine how many grams of protein, carbohydrates, and fat should be in each of your meals. Then our chef weighs out the micronutrients and calories your body needs to maximize and guarantee your success*.


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Here at Live In Fitness our entire team is dedicated to your success. We work together with you to map out a detailed program that ensures you the best possible results. Our top of the line professionals will care for you, motivate you, encourage you, guide you, and above all keep you accountable. Accountability is a huge part to the success of our program as it keeps clients on track to achieve their goals, and helps them remember why they chose to start this new journey. Our clients receive a structured daily schedule that includes 5 to 7 hours of various workouts. Be ready to be treated like a celebrity and trained like an athlete. We will train you at your personal level and motivate you to new heights, allowing you to reach your true potential.


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From the day you walk into our Weight Loss Camp we start preparing you for the real world. The true test is HOME. We have a complete Behavior/Psychological Education Program that will change your life for the good. We will teach you the tools necessary to be successful on your own when you leave us. This is the most important part of our program. Our signature LIF Plan was created and developed over our 20 years of being in business and is one of the main reasons our program works long term. It is what separates us from the rest of the pop-up programs out there.

Level 1

Extreme Weight Loss and Health

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Level 1

Extreme Weight loss and Extreme Heath 

For People Needing to Lose Over 60+ Pounds  

Our Extreme Weight Loss and Extreme Heath program has been successful for the last 20 years because we are the experts who specialize helping people who need to lose over 60 pounds and have limited mobility. Or our older clients literally looking to add functional years to their lives.

Level 2

Shape and Lose Fat Program

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Level 2 

Intermediate : Shape and Lose over 20+ Pounds 

Level 2 is our Intermediate level for people who need to lose 20-50 pounds. These clients have good movement, mobility, and are able to be pushed to their customized level of ability by our trainers. In this program we start looking at lean mass, sculpting, and toning, while focusing on losing pure fat. You will be assigned to a coach by our management team and your individual consultant based on your goals and needs.

Level 3

The Ultimate Fit and Athlete Program

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Level 3

The Ultimate Fitness and Athlete Program 

Ultimate Fit (or our Elite Level) is designed strictly through science and technology in order to lose your last pounds of fat or gain lean mass. In this program you will be pushed to the limits of your ability. We will get that last 10 pounds off! We will get you ready for a modeling shoot or for that perfect role.

Our Athlete Level will make you the best athlete you can be. Our coaches will monitor lean mass, maximize muscle gain, and increase sports performance. We will mold your training toward your sport and the movement necessary for ultimate sports performance.