40 pounds weight loss

Arne B Enters The 40/40 Club! 40lbs 40ins

Live In Fitness - LIF weight loss camp *RESULTS MAY VARY Arne B., an aspiring singer lives in Los Angeles CA and is familiar with the common pressures of living up to the standard of beauty often expected of women, in the entertainment…
Unlocking secret of weight loss - Live in fitness

5 Secrets to Getting the Weight Off NOW!

You don’t understand: you do Crossfit every other day, go to the gym for a few rounds of weight lifting, play a mean badminton over the weekend and hike for hours, but you still aren’t shedding the pounds. How could that be? Well, you…
I Found the Fountain of Youth! - Live in fitness

I Found the Fountain of Youth!

Fountain of Youth - Fitness Retreat I have always used canola and/or extra virgin olive oil for cooking. I’d never even heard of coconut oil. Suddenly, it’s everywhere and I had to find out what I was missing. Who knew? Back in the…
Men Get Their Sexy Back With Fitness - Live in fitness

Men Get Their Sexy Back With Fitness

To live a healthy life, men have specific needs. Nutrition and fitness play a huge role in long, energetic lives, including sex lives. Live in Fitness wants to assist you in minimizing your health risks and maximizing your fun by giving you…

Top 5  Things You Need to Know About Muscle Soreness

Muscle Soreness - Fitness Retreat The first time you try anything, doesn’t matter if you run, do Crossfit, bike, or engage in any form of sports or martial arts, do you find yourself waking up the next day, unable to move, every muscle aching…
It's Gonna Cost You - Live in fitness

It’s Gonna Cost You

It's Gonna Cost You A woman walks down a crowded street, on her way to what promises to be a very important meeting. She’s not late, but she’s cutting it very close. She silently rehearses her presentation as she weaves in and out of throngs…
You Can't Be Yourself Here

You Can’t Be Yourself Here

Live In Fitness - Retreat Yourself It’s two o’clock in the morning. You stare into the bottom of an ice cream bucket, or an empty pizza box, and think, “This is ridiculous. I have to stop”? You settle in front of the TV, full…
Fitness and wellness retreat

You Can’t Eat Whatever You Want

The best thing about being an adult is that you can eat whatever you want whenever you want. If you want to order and devour the entire left side of the McDonald’s menu, you can do that. And though people might look at you in a funny or frightened…
We'll Probably Make You Cry - Live in fitness

We’ll Probably Make You Cry

Crying is one of the most amazing things people do, because we do it for so many different reasons. A baby will cry for a reason as simple as he’s hungry. We never judge him, because if we were incapable of feeding ourselves, every one of…

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