Fat farm camp

Your Best Life With Jermaine: #1 My Life of Fear

My Life Of Fear   Thinking back on where I started and the struggles I've had. I feel my life was mostly based in fear. Fear of the unknown, fear of the outside world, fear of judgement from family and friends. I had grown to over 600…

The Chef Behind Our Fat Burning Foods!

The Fat Burning Food Expert   Chef Miguel Rueda IV is the Chef De Cuisine at Live In Fitness he is responsible for developing our fat burning food menus, measuring the macro nutrients of each client's specific meal plan, as well as…
3 steps to long term weight loss
Fat Camp Friends

We lost 18 lbs of body fat at fat camp!

Tricia (left) & Gilda (right) at fat camp/fit camp Fat Camp Stories: Losing Weight Is Easy When You Do It With A Friend!   Gilda & Tricia both visited our California fat camp, or should we say fit camp, but met this Summer…

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