the push up exercise

The Push Up: Drop And Give Me as Many as You Can

The push up exercise has survived decades of change and progress and remains one of the best upper body weight exercises. It can be performed almost anywhere, because it doesn’t require equipment (unless modification is involved), and when…

The Lunge-The Exercise You Love to Hate

You know that one girl (and everybody knows at least one) who is beautiful, smart and can do pretty much anything? The lunge is kind of like that... Exercise You Love to hate it. I don’t know if I would say a lunge is beautiful or smart necessarily,…
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5 Misconceptions About "Fat Camps"

The term Fat Camp has been around a long time. In recent years it's become a taboo term. In reality there isn't much difference in Fat Camps vs Fitness Camps. So you shouldn't let the name scare you off. Most modern camps serve the same function:…

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